"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Monday, 17 October 2011


I have always welcomed new commenters on my blog.

But I have been made to feel so welcome when I became a follower of John's blog... 

and of Stephen's blog,

that I have decided to take their example and to make the time to discover who my new followers are and to welcome them to my blog when their gravitar appears on my followers list.  After all, it is a friendly way of welcoming a newcomer into your midst.

And a little bit of friendliness in this world certainly wont go amiss :)

Nothing beats posting to my blog, and getting comments in return - a meeting of like minded people, a sharing of idea's and reactions.  A place of friendship, which brings great enjoyment to my day.

Therefore John and Stephen, consider yourselves warmly welcomed :)

And to all the other followers (public or anonymous) of Eco Footprint ~ South Africa - please know that you were, and are, as warmly welcomed -  I just didn't have this method of welcoming you back then... :)


  1. Thank you and I enjoy reading your blogs as I do all that I follow. It is nice to be able to "meet" and share ideas and thoughts with people from around the world.

  2. John - Exactly - and a lot cheaper than posting off snail mail around the world LOL

  3. Dani, I don't always comment but I do read and enjoy the views and ideas of others here. Surprisingly Australia and South Africa share similar environments....and similar pests!

  4. Stitchin' time - Yes, it's surprising how similar SA and Aussie are, isn't it. Sorta like home from home - reckon that's why so many from SA moved to Aussie in the 90's


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