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Friday, 28 October 2011

My new glass storage containers :)

Last week I told you that I had won a gift voucher on a give away that Sprig was running.

Well, thankfully RSon was at home on Tuesday morning when the courier company delivered a large box of goodies whilst I was on the farm.  I had been told it would be a gift voucher for ZAR500.00 to spend at Consol's factory shop.

But, I'm not complaining - not one little bit :)

This is what they brought:
I'll be able to see what is inside with these useful
"blackboard" jars
Glass storage jars with a small blackboard painted on the front - complete with a little piece of chalk inside.  So cute :)
The containers all have a rubber seal - no
contamination of the fridge with these :)
And I got a round and square set of fridge storage containers.
And finally, I also got a brilliant jar with a small solar panel and 5 X LED lights in the lid, and which also has a handle so that it can be hung from a hook / tree / whatever.
Join the dots to activate the light
- how clever is that :)
How lucky am I, and what a stunning selection of goodies they sent me.
The LED solar powered lights in the
bottle create a perfect light for a
romantic evening outside on the patio :)
Thank you Consol, and thank you, Sprig.  I am thrilled to pieces!

And all Consol has done is whet my appetite even more.  Now I have to visit the shop and see what else they have...


tami said...

Nice selection and that "solar" jar is clever.

Jane said...

Ha! How cute is that solar jar?! I never saw such a thing. And the glass jars are fantastic!

Mr. H. said...

I have never heard of such jars...fascinating. Love the idea of a blackboard on the jar.

Dani said...

Tami - I concur wholeheatedly LOL

Jane - I reckon that I couldn't have chosen better myself!

Mr H - Reckon painting jars with blackboard paint is a possibility?

tffnguy said...

I like the lantern jug a lot. I've got a bunch of old Harbor Freight solar lights that the clear plastic had gotten so yellowed by the sun that they can't hardly be seen. Some small jars might be the ticket for resurrecting them.

Sprig said...

hey dani,

what a cool selection!! especially the solar jar... pity i can't enter our competitions... enjoy!

Dani said...

Sprig - Reckon that's awful! I wouldn't be able to stand that LOL

But I am very, very chuffed :)