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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Flower Power

This article appeared in our local Saturday paper.

Now, if chamomile and mint works on both the elephant and rhinoceros, perhaps it (or something similar) will work on these too...? 
Jane's pests
... or...
John's pests
... or even one of our pests...?
Nature is wonderful, isn't it? We know / remember so little of how the farmers lived in days of yore.  Their lives weren't lived with chemicals and electrical gadgets, they lived simply, freely and in far more eco-friendly way, in tune with everything on the planet.

Makes you think...!  What have we actually gained with our modern lifestyle? And what have we lost?


  1. I love how regions your "pests" could be a rhino or elephant...Janes little "hog" looks downright friendly compared to that!

  2. Well it is sure worth a try! And is it just me, but I think that would be a wonderful thing to live in an area with elephants and rhinoceros. Such beautiful creatures. The funny part is that we can THEM destructive and it is us that is killing everything. Them included.

  3. Sad to say, but I think we have lost a lot more than we have gained.

  4. We sometimes condemn the "pests" that are beneficial to our environment. God put everything here for a purpose, though sometimes I think he may have been having a "bad" day when he created some things. In our gardens we destroy the natural predators of the bad pests. Pesticides have killed off a lot of the natural pollinators of some of our plants. Good post Jani.

  5. BTW--Elephants and rhinos have not been a problem here for a long time. Occasionally fossils of mammoths and rhinos are dug up in gravel pits in the area!

  6. Tami - There are elephants and rhino's in our zoo's and game reserves, but we don't have them walking the streets like in Kathmandu LOLOL

    Jane - Beautiful they may be, but I would be petrified to have them roam free near my farm LOL

    Garden Girl - I totally agree with you!

    John - That's exactly what I mean. We are so concerned about "getting rid" of all pests that we have lost the bigger picture. They are all on this planet for a purpose, and who are we to decide that they should be eradicated!

    And ellies and rhino's aren't a problem here either... But I reckon that in Kathmandu they are ;)

  7. Fascinating Dani,I think I'll try that in our vegi patch as we have our lettuce and rockabilly regularly raided by bunny's.

  8. AB - I can't find camomile anywhere, but mint - dunno - I KNOW it spreads like crazy! Mebbe you need to google what rabbits DON'T eat LOL (if there is anything).

    What is rockabilly?

  9. You know, we all act like eating local and organic is some new discovery .. myself included. It's all our gr-grandparents knew ;). I'd be afraid to have mint freely growing in my yard .. unless it's a native species. Sometimes we just have to outsmart the garden pests. We have put up moose/deer/bunny proof fences .. but have problems with ground squirrels .. so now have to put hardware cloth under raised beds for root crops, or wire mesh cages around underground bulbs. Certain bulbs we can't even plant or the deer will have a picnic.


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