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Friday, 14 October 2011

Just a spoon full of sugar...

I was at the nursery last week, trying to buy some Aubergine seedlings.  (for some reason I am unable to get my seeds to produce seedlings?!)

Unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock yet, but, as I was leaving, I saw this on a stand next  to the cashier...

It a bottle that you hang in the garden and which provides sugar water for birds.
Instead of adding the sugar to water and then adding food colouring, I decided to add the sugar to a cup of rooibos tea LOL  I hope the birds like the rooibos flavour?!
A cup of tea for the birds, and one for me too :)
So here it is - hanging in a tree in the garden - just waiting to be sipped :)
But, I had a thought as I took that photo - the day I finally get a couple of chickens, if I enlarge the dispensing hole, perhaps I could provide water for the chickens using this method - that should keep the chicken food out of their water...!

And so I am going to be forced (LOL) to drink a bottle of wine, in order to get the bottle, and RMan is going to drill out the hole for me - the rest of the design I should be able to manage myself LOL  (I hope the chickens don't mind a bit of wine flavour when I re-use the cork?!)

And it's yet another way of recycling a glass bottle.


  1. Neat idea. You may have to do one or two more to improve on the design!

  2. Chickens, how exciting. I like the wine bottle water dispenser idea.

  3. John - Reckon I could probably quaff a couple more - all in the name of experimentation, naturally! LOL

    Mr H - That's the plan... Do you think that watering system would work with your chickens?

  4. Empty wine bottle! That just means time to make more wine;)

  5. I love ideas like this. And really, is looks quite aesthetic hanging there, filled with lovely rooibos tea. :)

  6. Leigh - I reckon that 1/4 of the bottle has already been sipped by thirsty birds! LOL


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