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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Thanks Sprig - Lucky me :)

I follow a local blog called "Sprig" (a South African Gardening Blog)  "Sprig" was the winner of the News 24 / Old Mutual Best Green Blog in 2010 - a well deserved award!  (and I'm thrilled that my vote helped them win LOL)

Sprig is a gardening blog which details their interest in indigenous gardening, permaculture and growing their own food.  They also deal with subjects regarding other types of gardening, nature and environmental issues.  They welcome contributions to their blog - you just have to e-mail your contribution to them (including photo's) and, after moderation, it will, invariably, be posted on their blog.  They are also more than happy to post any gardening question you may have, for their readers to answer.  Now, how helpful is that :)

A couple of weeks ago they ran a competition in conjunction with Consol Glass (the major domestic glass jar / bottle producer in South Africa).

Well, I've just been notified that I won one of the two prizes!!  A ZAR500.00 ( US$ 64.00 / €46.00) gift voucher for glass goodies of my choice from Consol. Yipeeeee!  Thanks Sprig :)

These are some of the items which are available in the Consol shop in Stellenbosch:

Jars in all sorts of shapes and sizes...
... stunning bottles - for cordials?...
... and beautiful preserving jars...

Reckon I'm going to be very busy at the end of this summer - so much (hopefully) preserving to do, and such stunning jars I'm going to be preserving in... can't wait!  CGuy, I even have new jars to keep your honey in...  Hey, if they have the right containers, maybe I can even make my first batch of mead?

Now,with the small amount hat I produce in my town garden, I seriously need to get on with sorting out my veggie patch at the farm ... and planting more crops!  I've got jars and bottles to fill LOL


  1. How excellent is that? Congratulations on your win Dani! :)

  2. Tanya - Thanks - I feel so lucky! Who knew glass jars could do that ...LOL

    John - Cool hey :)

    Jane - My problem exactly... ;)

  3. Congrats. Looking forward to hearing about what you choose! and how you use it! Sincerely, Emily

  4. Oh, congratulations! What a lovely surprise!!

  5. Congratulations on your win!

  6. Emily - Watch this space...

    fullfreezer - T'was - can't wait :)

    Stitchin' Time - Thanks :)

  7. Yaaay! Congratulations on your prize! Whoohoo! Do you keep bees?

    1. Sharon - Thanks - t'was a brilliant prize :D

      Nope - but other people in our "valley" do ;)


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