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Saturday, 15 October 2011

When is a lemon tree not a lemon tree ...?

Citrus Saplings in March this year
I don't know if you recall back in March this year I mentioned that I found three tiny trees growing from seeds I had planted on the farm at the end of last year.

This is what they look like now...
Saplings in September this year
Well, this time, they are much bigger, and I was thus able to pinch (and crush) of a couple of leaves, in order to smell, and identify them.

They are... naartjie (mandarin) trees :)  Happy Days!  Considering that they have not been on an irrigation system, and have only survived on early morning mist or rainwater that has fallen, and they are growing amongst grass and weeds, I'm very impressed!

And, as for those lemon trees I planted in January, this is the progress they have made...
Not too shabby, Nige :)


  1. Fantastic Dani! If there's one fruit that I couldn't cook without, it's lemon. It must be nice to be able to grow your own orchard of them :)

  2. Trees are good! WE have planted quite a few this year. Mostly fruit. Your trees look like they are off to good start.

  3. Yummy! How long do those trees need before they will produce fruit? That will really be nice to be able to pick a mandarin some day :)

  4. Tanya - It is - I'm so excited :)

    John - Trees are brilliant! And we, too, want a selection of fruit trees. So I'm really chuffed with the naartjies.

    Jane - I think one has to pick off any fruit that forms for the first three years, in order for the roots to get all the energy. Thereafter, it'll be a free for all :)

  5. Lovely! So exciting you can grow your citrus outdoors. Such a wonderful addition to the homestead diet.

  6. Leigh - Here's hoping that they grow and produce madly... They better :)


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