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Thursday 16 May 2013

More recycling for the garden

I received an e-mail from a friend up north.  It had a bunch of photo's on things one could re-use in the garden, rather than sending to landfill.

I reckon some of them are pretty cool.

Enjoy :)

Old Shoes:

This one in particular I like - RMan is forever buying new trainers - his old ones wear out so quickly with the abuse he subjects them to... :)
Old boot as a bird's nest
 ... as long as the birds don't mind the ingrained odour LOL  (It is even too strong for my washing machine...)
Old boots as pot planters
Plastic bottles:

Cooldrink bottle as garden sprayer - the
wheels are a hoot :)
This one is also cute :)
Cooldrink bottle as a bird feeder

Cooldrink bottle as a cat food dispenser
Glass bottles :

Recycled bottles for a feature in a room

Recycled bottles as wicking beds for
pot plants
Chipped and cracked tea cups & kitchen implements:
Recycling old, chipped tea cups and saucers
(and old aluminium spoons LOL)
Old nasty aluminium soup ladles?


  1. Some of these ideas are great. I especially laughed on the "sprinkler" one--how funny. And I get it would work, too!
    And the bird nest one is very clever. Do birds smell?, they do now -LOL!

    1. Sue - You disappeared - and I can't comment on your remaining blog...

      Yeah - reckon the birds will have a certain odour LOL

  2. The sprinkler on wheels made me laugh! I've used cracked teacups and bowls for indoor plants, and plastic bottles for bird feeders - always have trouble with cutting the plastic and not having sharp edges, though, so I must be doing something wrong. The repurposed boots...hmmm. There are some things that, when they are beyond their original use, I am ready to see the last of, and footwear definitely falls into that category. Have you ever seem toilets used as garden planters? Another "too much" for me!

    1. Quinn -ottle sprinkler - I've also tried the bbut I didn't have wheels LOL

      Yeah - could do loo gardens, and RMan is battling with my bath herb garden... But, it's staying :)

  3. Love the ideas. Thanks Dani.

  4. What wonderful ideas! I have a *thing* for labels in the garden so I love the spoons! Wonder how you'd mark them though? I need to learn how to engrave.

    On a separate note - how do you pronounce Rooibos tea. I had a discussion with a friend and neither of us sure of pronunciation.

    1. Linda - I know one can get a set of metal stamps with which to "engrave" spoons - you place the letter on a spoon and then give it a sharp thwack with a hammer. I saw them on Amazon.

      Pronounciation of Rooibos - Roy-boss


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