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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Howdy :)

Sorry I've been MIA but RSon popped over for a long weekend, and it was good to catch up with him - my blogging suffered - temporarily :)


This is just a quick pop in to welcome Mobile Rik, my newest follower :)
Mobile Rik describes himself as a:

"Cosmic Wanderer, Nature Lover, Rockhound. I blog about DIY RV Hacking For Serious Boondockers, Off-Grid Survivalists, and Full-Time Campers."

His blog can be found at http://diycampingoffthegrid.blogspot.com/  and his web site : http://mobilerik.com/ (it has another blog attached to that too : http://mobilerik.com/articles/) both of which have tons of idea's for an off gridder :)  Reckon he may have some good idea's for those followers of mine who live near Highway 118 :)

Thanks for hitting the followers button - bear with me if there is a delay in replying to your comments here - but the sun dictates my activity, or lack thereof - as I'm sure you know :)


  1. Hope you and the family had a lovely visit.

    1. Jane - We haven't seen RSon for over 5 months - so a good visit was long overdue and very welcome :)

  2. Bought a new no 8 Welcome Dover at that place in Parow installation complete and fire it up today

    1. Regi - Good luck. Just in time for the 5 day cold front :)

  3. I just want to know, the say it's an coal stove but you can only burn wood in it, in the old days they make it full of coal

    1. Stephan - Welcome & thanks for leaving a comment.

      I think the reason that you can only burn wood in it now is because the bottom grate (part # 17) burns through too quickly with coal - coal produces a lot hotter, and longer burning heat.

  4. Hello there , I have recently purchased a Dover ,champion Dover 7a cast on the door . I would be grateful for any information on this little stove as I intend to install it in my home ,hoping someone has info .
    My email is aholland34@gmail.com.

  5. I have recently acquired a champion Dover 6a , I am installing this treasure in my home .Would be grateful for any information anyone could share on this Woodstock..my email address is

  6. Dani
    Attachments12:09 PM (0 minutes ago)
    to aholland34
    Hi Alan

    Too cool - hope you enjoy your Dover stove :D

    Alan, the only info I have is the diagram of the Dover stove, which I will attach to this e-mail. Ideally, the Dover chimney should be installed inside a brick chimney - to prevent smoke from escaping from the unsecured joints of the normal (aluminium) stove pipe which is available in South Africa. If you can get a "proper" stainless steel chimney, which locks together, then the outer brick one would not be necessary.

    Good luck - and enjoy your newly acquired warmth.


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