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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bird accomodation

MKid had a school project recently - he had to make a bird house using anything but wood.   Apart from my bird feeder bottle, I haven't given any thought to providing them with accomodation :)

So, that got me wondering, and when I wonder, I Google...

This is what I found.

Using a plastic milk bottle...
Bird house from a recycled plastic bottle
... here they used biscuits, but what about using a really stale hollowed out loaf of wholewheat bread - that way,the birds can have room service anytime they want :)...
Biscuit bird house
... a woven nest?...
Woven bird house
... a cardboard milk bottle...
Cardboard milk / juice
container bird house
 ... an old shoe...
Bird house from an old boot
 ... a cracked teapot - hey, I've got one of those :)...
I've got a cracked teapot which
will make a perfect bird house
... a hollowed out log of wood - yeah, I know it's out of wood, but it's not a fabricated one.
Hollowed out wooden log
bird house
Anyone got any other idea's?


  1. Replies
    1. Joyful - They are, aren't they :) Personally, the old shoe is my favourite...

  2. I like the shoe/boot idea. It is interesting and I wonder if our birds (wild) would like them nests too.


    1. Barb - If hanging a boot in a tree, instead of sending it to landfill, results in a bird making a nest in it, I reckon that it's worth a try :)


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