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Friday, 23 March 2012

Do we have any time left at all...?

I read Peter Wills posting on James Lovelock's "The Vanishing Face of Gaia - A Final Warning" and it gave me the chills.

Have a read, watch the video with the link I have provided below, and tell me what you think...
The Vanishing Face of Gaia - A Final Warning 
What a nice, friendly, pleasant gentleman Mr Lovelock appears to be - in both demeanour, manner and appearance.  It's hard to believe that he is 90 years old!

I have already ordered the book and can't wait until the 17th April until it arrives.  RMan has "booked" it after me LOL

If you're as blown away as I am by the article and the You Tube clip (never mind the book) please - won't you share the info on your blogs.  For, as Mr Lovelock says, "One procedure could turn back the clock on global warming.  And that is burying carbon.  All you have to do is to get every farmer everywhere to make a profit by turning all of his ag waste into char and burying it or dropping it into the sea - it doesn't matter which.  Because char is not only resistant to atmospheric oxidation, it's non-bio-degradable too.  So, it'll just stay there."

For more info check out these two links: 


And, if like me, you're possibly confused as to how you're going to make your own biochar - take a look at this link.  It would seem that all you need is a couple of 44 gallon drums :)  I've got at least one of those already.  The only thing I am going to do differently, is I'm going to place a lid on the drum, to prevent oxygen fueling the fire.  Because, the way I understand it, biochar is produced in an oxygen deprived environment, in order to retain the carbon within the char and not release it into the atmosphere.  Similar to what is described on this or this link.  Or for other ideas this is the link.
Now I know what to do with all that terrible renosterbos!  And I reckon that using grey water, instead of drinking water, to quench the fire, will be a good use of that waste product too :)  Not to mention the other waste liquid produced by humans too - that apparently provides extra nutrients - just be careful not to burn yourself LOL


Leigh said...

Thanks for the link on the biochar. I have a link to a biochar article on my gardening journal, but I've yet to actually try this, even though it's excellent for the soil.

We have so many things in life backward. But I say it's what comes of replacing agrarianism with profit and consumer economics. "They" don't want us do be responsible with the earth if it means they'll lose some of their profits. My 2 bits anyway!

tami said...

This is going to sound harsh, but I think Lovelock is actually pretty optomistic. When you reach a certain age or "awareness" of the world you discover that the human race has pretty much decended to the point of the lowest common denominator. There aren't enough ECO friendly humans on the planet to make much of a dent.

I personally believe it's too late. WE are the parasites pure and simple and I agree with Lovelocks oberservation that the Earth WILL react violently to our interference in order to protect itself. Human nature being what it is is arrogant in thinking that WE control the Earth and it's functions. Who knows when or how it will happen (climate change, starvation, disease...) but it will happen.

I live the lifestyle I live because it's important to me but I'm one of the few in my neighborhood. I could do so much more and yet I don't.

You're even more rare than I am Dani, a true ECO aware person. An inspiration to be sure. Great post. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Dani said...

Leigh - No "they" don't want that, and, I, for one, could care less about their profits.

And, judging from the indications, more and more individuals out there are attempting to embrace agrarianism for themselves and their families, as a result of GM produce, pesticides causing food allergies, and food "poisoning" causing serious health concerns / reactions.

It takes us, one at a time, to resist them. It has to help, no matter how minutely. It has to...

Dani said...

Tami - Thank you for your very kind words :) But I, too, feel I could do so much more...

I agree that we are parasites, but I have to be optimistic - for I feel that being negative won't help our planet. And if a simple thing like making biochar out of our waste can help, then I will do my damnedest to spread the word. I can't help it. I HAVE to care enough to share. And, if all of you with blogs and followers could also spread the word - heck, we'd have a veritable chain reaction happening.

Perhaps we could all turn the 20/20 hindsight into foresight - you never know. Wouldn't that be wonderful! :)