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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Recycling for cleaning purposes

Like many other people out there I used bicarb and vinegar for a lot of my home cleaning - most of the cleaning which takes place, in fact.

So, from my wholesale supplier, I purchase bicarb in 1kg (1 lb) packs, and my vinegar in 5lt (1 gal.) containers.

I find lugging those containers around a tedious addition to my daily chores, so I gave that some lateral thought.

What I came up with is this.

For the bicarb, I decanted the powder into an empty spice bottle. The perforated lid makes the job of sprinkling bicarb quick and direct, with as little wastage / mess as possible :)
Empty spice bottle - perfect for sprinkling
bicarb on kitchen surfaces, or onto food which
has caught on the base of my cooking pots  
And, for the vinegar - I decanted that into a small spray bottle, added a drip or two of liquid soap and, voilà, I have a quick, easy to use eco-friendly spray which sits next to my kitchen sink, both here and on the farm.
A spray bottle filled with vinegar and a
drop of soap - stored next to my kitchen
sink it is perfect for a quick eco-friendly
clean up of my kitchen surfaces :)
Lugging these two items around is now a pleasure :)  In fact, as soon as I have another couple of empty spice bottles I am going to leave one of each in each bathroom.  Then there will be no necessity for me to schlep to the kitchen to collect what I forgot... again LOL


Sue said...

Great idea!

And I LOVE that header picture!

Dani said...

Sue - The pic is of a cold, misty winter morning. My favourite too, as it shows the hills and dales :)

Mr. H. said...

Excellent idea. Not sure what else to say as I am still trying to get over how good that cake in your previous post looks.:)

Jane said...

Good idea with the spice bottle.

tffnguy said...

Dani, I try to save all the spray bottles for use in other things. Yours sounds like a good use. I also keep a few empty spice shake bottles around in case I come up with something i could use them for. Actually though I'm one of those people who have a hard time throwing a lot of stuff away. I have a tenancy to see something useful in about everything.

Dani said...

Mr H - Thanks. And Thanks LOL :)

Jane - It is a definite improvement than schlepping round a box or bag :)

David - I'm a hoarder too. Only problem is the farm has limited space, so when we sell our town house, and move to the farm, I've got a load of decisions to make LOL

Don't lose your tendency - wish more people were like you - there would be less going to landfill or recycling (which uses power in its process) if only people could think more out the box and re-use what they have been given / bought. If it's in good nick, and can be re-used as it is, then we should all be doing so :)

Astra said...

thats a great idea, I've just recently started cleaning with these products, cant buy bicarb in bulk atm tho, would save a bit im sure :) btw just got my 'following' thing working! so Im offically a follower :)

Stitchin' time said...

Dani, good thinking! Good for your back too not to be lugging around heavy containers.
My hubby complains I'm a bower bird but not when I can produce a container that is just right for his storage/transporting needs!

Dani said...

Astra - I love using bicarb - the feel on your hands as opposed to after using a chemical abrasive - no comparison :)

Robyn - Similar habits - similar husbands LOL