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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bless the Bees :)

There is a history of breast cancer in the maternal side of my family.  As a result I was unable to take HRT when I experienced the menopause.  (Yes, you can heap mountains of praise on RMan - he stuck with me through my menopause and all it's nasty effects, and that can't have been easy!)

I religiously take my calcium supplement to assist my bone density.  But - skin dryness - well, that's another thing altogether!

I permanently have hot feet - reckon I'm one of the few who has their feet sticking out of the duvet - summer and winter!  And I live in crocs.  In deference to the colder winter weather I'll shove on a pair of socks if my feet get cold.  But generally - it's crocs - or bare feet when it's sweltering.  As a result I have very dry feet.  Especially my heels.

I cannot abide seeing "dirty", dry, cracked, "uncared" for heels, and so I have tried every product on the market - such as Dr Scholls, etc.

But, I have found a product which works better than Dr Scholls - works better than anything else on the market in this country.  It is called Nature Fresh BEE BALM.
This is brilliant stuff!

As you can see from the ingredients below, it doesn't contain a single chemical!
Wearing crocs all day I slather it on after my morning shower, slip my feet into my crocs and waddle around as it gets absorbed.  I don't like putting ointment on my feet at night, and covering them with socks or plastic wrap - just don't like the foot confinement LOL  Plus, if I applied it at night I'd worry about the ointment build up on my sheets...  This way works well for me.

But, as you can see from the directions below, it isn't only used for cracked heels.  I also apply it to my elbows every now and then.
It has the most amazing smell with a hint of honey (I wonder why LOL)
I don't use it continuously - every couple of days for a day or two.  As soon as you apply it your feet feel wonderfully smooth, and somehow refreshed.
Can't just tell you - have to show you :)
I purchase mine locally from Pick 'n Pay.  I don't know if it's available overseas, but, if it is, and you're not allergic to bees or bee products, please, do yourselves a favour, and grab a jar or two :) 

However, this product is not for everyone.  This is the warning on Nature Fresh's website:

Side Effects and special precautions:
Few side effects, other than allergic reactions have been reported with propolis. Do not use propolis if you are allergic to bee products, balsam or pine resin.  Allergic reactions may cause swelling, redness, eczema or fever and it may irritate the skin, causing burning, peeling lips, irritation, swelling, psoriasis or eczema.  Dilute the propolis and test a small area first. When used in the mouth, propolis may irritate the mucous membranes.

(Note:  I am not benefiting in any way for naming / promoting any products I mention on my blog.  I mention these products I find, and give links [where possible], because I have personally tried them out, and found them to be worthy of sharing :) )


  1. Hi Dani, This is a very public forum to raise these questions... but..... I also have a strong breast cancer history and I think I'm hitting this time of life. How naive of me but what are these nasty effects? Can you point me to a reputable website?

  2. Thanks for sharing, Dani. I'm still in PERI-menopause and want to avoid HRT if I can. We'll see. I don't feel that any of my symptoms so far are tough enough that I need the relief of HRT.

    Funny...I don't have hot flashes yet. But I DO get COLD flashes every now and then.

  3. Now if you got yourself a hive you could make it yourself :)

  4. Linda - A site which gives you a very comprehensive list of the symptoms is at: http://www.health24.com/medical/Condition_centres/777-792-819-4827,16448.asp#art_5

    There is a South African site which details the menopause with HRT medication:

    : or without HRT

    I'm sure if you google menopause you'll find your local government site at the top of the list.

    But, please, you MUST talk to your gynecologist and get his / her advice / assistance.

    Tami - I haven't heard of cold flashes?!

    Again, any decision you make must be under the guidance of your GP / Gynae.

    Tanya - I know LOL - that's one of the reasons I want to keep bees - that, and my lemons / pomegranates, veggies and, naturally, for their honey :)

  5. That whole range appeals to me. Used to use the calcium supplement, which is also available as a powder to dissolve in fruit juice if you can't swallow tablets. And I use the fluoride free toothpaste. Proudly South African!!

    BTW your calcium supplement needs Vitamin D (especially for us in the Cape winter)and K.

    This breast cancer survivor uses linseed for the phytoestrogens.

  6. Diana - Thanks for the concern - I actually take Menacal7 which contains both Vit K and Vit D :)

    Linseed is a very good idea - and linseed oil ;)

  7. Thank you Dani! That first site was very good. I feel enlightened - I only knew about two symtoms.

    Bring it on!

  8. I am with Tanya, I bet this could be made yourself if we cant get it in our country. Thanks for the info.

  9. Linda - You're welcome :)

    Jane - LOL thought you may :)

  10. Hey Dani - I've given you a Liebster mention :)


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