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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Colourful beans

This is my first year growing anything but green beans.

Linda, from Sought-After-Seedlings in Johannesburg supplies South Africa with Franchi Sementi seeds.  Browsing through her web page in anticipation of what I was going to plant this Spring, I came across Climbing Neckargold, a brilliant yellow bean...
And, scrolling further I came across the Dwarf Purple King
I am entranced with the purple flowers and stem on these plants.  I can't wait for some beans to grow - and grow big enough for me to harvest.  I am sort of sad that they turn green when they are cooked - it might have been nice to see purple beans on my dinner plate :)

What are your favourite beans in your existing or planned vegetable patch?

I regret not having been adventurous enough to purchase the Dwarf Borlotti beans too.  Ah well, something to try next year :)


Astra said...

We tend to stick to broad beans and french dwarfs, they grow so well here and always give a bumper crop! I think when we have the space I'd like to try some rare varieties and some for drying too.

On a different note - I've given you the Liebster Award, check it out on my blog! I've given it to you because I find your blog so inspiring, your move to the farm and the little things you do at home to stay eco friendly, Thank you for all your lovely comments too, they mean so much :)

Sue said...

We're such dull dull people. I grow just the basic green bush beans.....Blue Lake is the favorite. I'd like to do more with dried beans but haven't gotten to that point yet.

Humble wife said...

I love eating the green bean off the vine. It does not matter what kind it is, green beans are for snacking on while I garden!

I prefer the Anasazi bean the best and second is the pinto. Both grow extremely well in the desert southwest of the US. All other beans I have to spoil-which I do...

by the way- I love the purple stem too. How lovely and festive for the garden!!


Dani said...

Astra - Wow - thank you so much for the compliment(s) :)

I, too, hope to dry some beans from this season's harvest.

Sue - I only found out about different coloured beans this year. I'm thrilled :)

Jennifer - Fresh from the garden is top in my book. Haven't heard of the Anasazi bean... 'scuse me, I'm off to investigate... :)

John said...

Blue lake and Kentucky wonder seems to work for us. We have tried others, but always go back to the old favorites.

Mr. H. said...

I like those purple beans, we grow a similar variety. You have piqued my interest with those Borlotti beans...we are starting to favour the dwarf varieties in our garden. Also that Neckargold looks interesting, I have not come across many yellow colored climbing beans. Can't wait to see how your beans do.

Dani said...

John - Blue Lake and Kentucky - more beans to investigate LOL Thanks :)

Mr H - I'll definitely let you know :)

Stitchin' time said...

I used to grow regular Purple King beans when the eldest 2 children were little. They loved eating them raw. I should grow them again as they are good freezing beans too.

Dani said...

Robyn - I can't wait to try them raw :) I'm amazed at the vegetables out there which aren't available in the store. Am so pleased I can grow my own :)