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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Three times the power production?!

Oh boy, I'm so excited.

Not only will creating wind power become more efficient and effective, but it will also become cheaper.  And hopefully, not only cheaper for the national grid, but also for our home applications.
How?  Well, I received this information in the mail today from Simply Green (South Africa)

But, for more detail check out this link.

If you'd like to see the video:
Wind Lens video
This could certainly help with the eco-footprint of electricity production.  And if it can obviate the need for nuclear power - good grief, wouldn't we be so bloody much better off?

The idea is hectic - and so incredibly simple.  I LOVE clever people :)

Maybe our wind turbine will yet become a reality...


Jane said...

That would be great if they could use more wind farms to power the grid. I know in the US corporate greed always keeps alternative power from going large scale. Let's hope that changes.

Mr. H. said...

What a fascinating concept, floating wind turbines. How could that not be better than nuclear power...perhaps after the tragedy that befell them Japan will take the lead on alternative energy and we can finally get away from some of the environmentaly horrific methods we now use. Thanks for sharing this video.

Dani said...

Jane - Yes, I agree - change has to come sometime - and the sooner the better :)

Mr H - You're welcome :) Anything other than coal or nuclear powered energy can only be an improvement!

tffnguy said...

We thought when they added all the wind turbines in parts of west Texas it would lower the price of electricity. It didn't and I think the price actually increased a good bit. To make matters worse they said we didn't have a large enough grid to handle all of the new power so most if not all is being diverted to surrounding states and we aren't even getting the green power.

frann said...

I think we need to produce at our homes as the grid is the problem in the US. It is good people are working on it. There will be small ones available in the future.

Dani said...

David - Beats me why they would want to erect a wind turbine power source in Texas if:

1 Texans aren't going to benefit from the power, and
2 there aren't even enough people to use the power... Unless they're adding that power to the overall grid?

Frann - Yeah - I, personally, can't wait for a smaller householders version of the wind Lens :)

Stitchin' time said...

The wind lens sounds much more efficient than the huge windmills we currently have in Australia.

Dani said...

Stitchin' Time - It does, doesn't it. That is exactly what is making me so excited :)