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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Recycling for "fridge" use

I don't know if anyone has access to "pap saks" (foil bags) like we do in South Africa.  Here one can buy anything from bulk tomato sauce, fruit juice, wine, etc in this packaging.

I have a friend who uses these bags for cooking in.  Removing the tap, she cuts open a corner, turns it inside out, removes the plastic lining, turns it round the right way again, and then she gives it a good clean.  She fills it with vegetables, herbs and a dash of white wine.  She then seals the bag by folding it over and fastening it with a paper-clip, pours a bit of water in the bottom of a "potjie" pot, pops in the foil bag, places the lid on and cooks it over a fire.

However, I have found, what I reckon, is a pretty cool way of assisting our food preservation on the farm.  I will be using them as a giant ice blocks.

First, finish the contents of the bag - an enjoyable experience regardless of what it contained :)

Then, open the tap and rinse out the bag well... (tedious work, but I reckon it's worth it)...
Rinse out the bag, and fill with water
...after rinsing well, fill three quarters of the bag with water, and squash the bag to remove most of the air.  (Allow for some expansion space, otherwise the bag will burst in the freezer.)  Close the tap.
Squash the bag to remove most of the air
Place the water-filled bag in the freezer.  When it is frozen, it can be used for keeping food in cooler boxes cool, as an ice remedy for an injury, or as a cooling method for buckets filled with water.
Pop in the freezer until frozen
As it is less bulky than a 5lt bottle, this is exactly how I am going to create a fridge in my cooler box on the farm!

And, Jane, I thought that perhaps, next summer, you could use it in the top of your beautiful old ice box...?  It doesn't drip LOL


tami said...

That IS interesting. I don't think I've seen these in the States but if anyone can find them it would be Jane.

Jane said...

Wow those are neat. I have not seen a bag like that either. We do have mylar bags that hold box wine here, but they are a one way tap and could never be reused. I will have to keep my eyes peeled to see if I ever see anything like that. Thanks for the idea.

Dani said...

Tami - Keep your eyes peeled - they are normally the inner liner of boxes which hold liquids :)

Jane - Your welcome :) Not sure if mylar bags would be strong enough - give it a try?

Mrs. Mac said...

I, too, have not seen these box liners .. and was wondering how you would refrigerate/freeze foods on the farm .. and how you will do laundry. Just thinking out loud ;) Maybe you already posted about this and I missed it.

Dani said...

Mrs Mac - I have just installed a freezer on the farm - solar powered. Reckon I need a freezer more than a fridge, so I'll make a fridge a possiblity with frozen water :)

frann said...

I will get a solar freezer and make some sort of ice box too. Fun watching your adventure.

Dani said...

Frann - We have a normal freezer working off solar panels and an inverter - much cheaper than a solar freezer - at least in this country. We'd have to import a solar freezer from the US of A :)