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Monday, 2 May 2011

Tomboy tools - a two-in-one gadget

We popped in at the local Co-Op on our way to the farm last weekend.

Walking through the doors I suddenly realised that I am a completely abnormal female.  My lungs start taking quick excited breaths, my heart beats faster and, apparently, even my cheeks become flushed with anticipation.

This is not occuring because I am headed for a full body massage / manicure / session with the hairdresser or trip to the jewellery store.  This is happening because I am walking into a hardware store.

I can spend hours and hours searching for the perfect shifting spanner, the ideal chain with which to support our counter top shelves, a paintbrush which is not likely to shed all it's hairs before I have completed the varnishing I am purchasing it for, or thingymijigs to prevent doors from destroying the plaster work as a door is whipped out of my hands by the wind, to name but a few of the recent items I've purchased.  I go into slow-motion planned four-wheeled drive mode as I walk through those doors - nothing must get in my way and my antipated enjoyment.  And, invariably, RMan has to drag me, protesting, from the store when he's finished his purchases...

And the Co-Op also has a small kitchware section at the entrance to the store.  By kitchenware, I mean 12 volt appliances, gas stove top kettles, etc.

And this happened to catch my eyes...

This was a two pack of knives - but not just any knives.  They are knives which fit inside a sharpening sheath - every time you slide the knife into the holder it is sharpened.

Two actions happening at the same time - storing the knife safely whilst simultaneously sharpening it.  Brilliant - because I am forever trying to slit my wrists when I use this sharpener:

You would not believe how sharp these knives are - and they will permanently be sharp - whenever I need them :-)  The are also a perfect weight - and are nicely balanced in the hand.

Can you see how thinly that cheese has been sliced?

The larger knife has vertical indentations on it - to prevent onion / tomato slices, etc sticking to the knife as you are slicing them.

The knives are made by Wiltshire and are designed in Australia.  The sheath has a locking mechansim built-in to prevent children from pulling out the extremely sharp knife and accidentally injuring themselves.

Now I realize that not everyone can make a trip to my local Co-Op so I have found online sources for these knives - go to : Want It All (local) or Amazon (international).  So you can chuck out your electric knife sharpener - you won't need it anymore LOL

And no - I did not pay that much for them...  The cost at my local Co-Op was about 15% what these two places are asking for them.

But I would pay that for them - for they are the kind of knives that my children or even MKid could / will inherit one day.


Granny said...

I'm laughing to myself while reading your post. The hardware store is the only place I really enjoy shopping. Jewelry and clothing stores don't interest me a bit but turn me loose in a hardware store and I can do serious damage to the budget.

I'll be checking Amazon for those knives. I hate sharpening knives. Thanks for sharing your excitement about your new purchase.

Mr. H. said...

What a fantastic idea, a knife that sharpens itself...I love it.:)

Jane said...

A good knife is one of the most important tools there is. And I know how you feel in the co-op. We have a off-grid store that sells all non electric home and farm goods. We make the 3 hour drive a couple times a year and once we get there - get out of my way. It is the only 'store' that I can stand to be in.

Dani said...

Granny - welcome :-) My budget - also gets shot to hell in the hardware store LOL - and I feel NO guilt whatsoever!

Mr H - it is a kitchen utensil to treasure forever!

Jane - Usually RMan goes one way - and I the other - but he's normally ready to leave l-o-n-g before me!

Leigh said...

What an excellent find. I love good knives. They are worth every penny.

Dani said...

Leigh - Agreed - I hate blunt knives, so to have one (or even two) which will always be sharp, heaven...!

Anonymous said...

Dang, I was just typing a comment and hit something and "poof" it was gone. What a neat knife and sharpener you found. Sharp knives make all the difference in the world. Your post reminds me that I really do need to sharpen our knives. Emily

Dani said...

Emilysincrely - nothing worse than trying to prepare food (or even eat it) with blunt knives. And my old knife sharpener was an accident waiting to happen.

African Bliss said...

I love them... I also like the way the handle allows you enough room for chopping, so you dont smack your knuckles into your chopping board. NICE! find.

Dani said...

African Dream - And they're available at your possible future local Co-Op LOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

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