"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Life continues...

After the Blogger debacle this past week, I have finally decided, and installed, Google Chrome.  This came about due to a comment from a follower, Diana, who told me that she used GC and had experienced no commenting problems.    RSon says that having both on my little world wide communications box ('puter) wont cause a conflict - hope he's right...  And I think I will devote GC to Blogger only - posting / commenting and reading others blogs.  As IE is covered by my Zone Alarm programme, that will be reserved for banking and other browsing.

What I have noticed immediately with Google Chrome, my spelling, or should that be, incorrect spelling, is immediately high lighted, as though I am typing in Word, and my chosen font remains - I don't have to keep refreshing it after I have posted a photo.

But back to life in Cape Town, it's been an upside down kinda week.  RMan had to go in for a dental op - he looked like he been kicked in the jaw for a couple of days, but he's on the mend, and enjoying rugby (with a beer) at the moment...

My camera decided that it had been dropped often enough and now wanted to rest permanently, so I am resorting to using my cell phone for photo's - when RSon leaves the necessary cable at home LOL (we have the same phone).

Me - well, I had a chat with RMan and we have made some momentous decisions this week - mainly eco-friendly and financial - which I will tell you more about that in the weeks to come, as progress happens.

These decisions have been brought about through watching Sky News and CNN - and all the closing of companies (120-odd Focus DIY stores in the UK) and retrenchments which large corporations are still instituting.  Scary stuff.  And how it would appear from these news items that the recession is definitely not as over as it would seem...

And, I have also decided that whenever I enter a grocery store, and they have dry goods items for sale at reduced prices, I am going to purchase a couple extra, and put them in my pantry.  Who knows when they might come in handy...  And it will certainly be cheaper / more affordable than a b-i-g shop when the thought occurs.  Money being spent in small amounts always does seem more affordable, doesn't it :-)

Here in Cape Town we have had a week of very welcome rain, which that means that garden activity is limited.  So I have been cleaning out cupboards / de-cluttering, and keeping an eye on my house plants - that is the only place where I am prepared to have flowering plants - my garden is for edibles only - apart from the hibiscus trees or large flowering bushes which were already in the garden when we purchased the house in the early 1990's :-)

Bromelaid "Bidularium innocenti"
For the first time in literally years my Bromelaid "Nidularium" is flowering - guess I have finally found the right spot for it.  I was so excited when I saw the orangey red flower developing - apparently the mature flower turns cream coloured.  It would also appear that it only flowers on new growth.  Interesting.

Then, my most favourite flower ever, after daffodils, and one which they add to flower arrangements, Anthuriums:

The waxy appearance and feel of Anthuriums fascinates me.

And finally, because I am missing my veggie garden, I decided to grow some onions on my kitchen windowsill, in Hyacinth vases.

It has been fascinating to watch the root development, which normally occurs underground, happen in front of my very eyes.  Soon I'll be able to harvest some onion greens to add to my salads and meals.  These roots and shoots took 3 weeks to get to this stage.  No, I'm not fertilizing the water, just refreshing it every 4 - 5 days or so.  Seems to be working, and if necessary I have an organic fertilizer which I can add if and when it appears the plants need some boosting.  S'funny how the red onion has progressed so much better than the white / brown one.

My broad beans are sprouting pods, and the peas winding up the supports, even tomatoes are still appearing on my two remaining plants - wonder of wonders!  And, naturally, my onions and garlic, beetroot and sweet potatoes are merrily doing their thing.

All in all it's been a topsy-turvy week and quite a major one in our household.  But, at the end of it, I think it's been a good one...

But at least I am happily back in Blogdom thanks to Google Chrome LOL

P.S.  I can open both IE and GC simultaneously - so alls well that ends well...


  1. For some reason I cannot see/view camera phone pictures on my laptop (I think I am way behind on that sort of computer update) .. so I just have to use my imagination. I'm leery that the world wide recession is over too. Enjoy the rain, I'm sure you have needed it .. and if I could, I'd send a bit of ours your way :)

  2. Thank RSon from me as I already run Chrome (on daughters advice) as well as IE and Mozilla Firefox. I find some sites load quicker on MF. I'll tell my craft forum buddies who've had problems with blogger of late to try Chrome as that is why I probably haven't had any problems. Funny that you never think to ask what search engine other people are using when they have a problem with sites!
    Lovely colourful plants you have there, even the onions :)!

  3. I have been having trouble with blogger and I use Google chrome and have for a long time now. For three days I couldn't sign into my account, so hubby had a look at my laptop and deleted some cookies and it came right, probably not the cure though! Google chrome is a great program to use, we dont experience many problems with it.

    Things seem to be working fine at the moment so hopefully blogger has sorted itself out.


  4. Mrs Mac - I didn't know that camera photo's weren't visible on Apple Mac's?!

    Don't worry about sending rain - we're in our rainy season LOL

    RobynK - I discovered that Google Chrome wasn't a problem through a comment I had from a follower - thought I'd try it - and it works! Thanks Diana :-)

    Tania - did the whole clearing if the cache thingy too - didn't help.

  5. I will be interested to see what the big changes coming are :)

  6. Jane - patience LOL All will be revealed in good time...

  7. You certainly have a green thumb and your plants do look happy.

  8. Frann - thanks. I reckon that it's down to the plants getting enough light and water when they need it. Nowt to do with me LOL

  9. welcome back....for a moment or two i thought you really had left the grid and gone dark haha

  10. wickets - you can't get rid of me that easily... LOL

  11. I switched to Chrome awhile back and have grown to prefer it over Firefox. I don't have Windows so I can't comment on IE. Some of the issues lately with Blogger have been browser independent, but I like that they are diligent to sort things out.

    Yes, things are looking pretty insecure out in the "real" world. I'll look forward to your decisions as well.

  12. Leigh - yeah, Blogger do sort out their problems, though this one is taking a tad long to finalize...

  13. Good to see you back online. I use Safari and normally have no issues, but the Blogger issues seem to cross all browsers.

    Love all the tropical plants. My mother grew many different ones when we were growing up. I love clivia, ginger, dracaena and bird of paradise.

    The recession isn't getting better and I've long wondered how long the interwebs will survive when everything falls apart?

  14. Jicky - thanks - missed y'all too LOL

    Clivia's are one of my favourites too - and I know how to propagate the seeds - hmm, perhaps I should do a posting on that...

    Yes, I, too, have wondered what would happen to the Web if the sh*t really hits the fan - I'll certainly miss y'all if the worst comes to the worst. But, though you all may be out of sight, you'll not be out of mind :-)


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