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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Autumn... or winter?

Wow - the 'flu really hit RMan and I hard.  This past week has been a complete washout.  And that made me think about all the overseas blogs I have read in the past 6 months - no - one has mentioned a cold / cough or flu?!  Did no-one get ill?  Or did everyone just keep it to themselves?

I didn't even have the inclination on some days in the past week to ten days, to read, never mind post a comment, on any blogs...  But, thankfully, we are finally on the mend - although, it has meant antibiotics on my part to reach this happy state - bronchitis was my final reward for getting ill.

So, on Friday I finally made it back into my garden with some enthusiasm.

I was amazed to find that my very first tomato plant (now I'm talking about a plant which has been providing our kitchen with its' bounty since the beginning of summer 2010!) is still in bloom - this is one of the side shoots which started growing about 8 weeks ago, just as I was about to rip out the mother plant...

Can you see the tomato laden branches -
and the flowers still blooming at the top...!

And I finally got round to lifting the strawberry plants off their hooks and planting the runners / offshoots...

Ten new sources of strawberries
- in the summer of 2012... and this is
one of three plants :-)

The peas...

and broad beans that MKid helped me plant at the end of March are coming along beautifully...

Broad beans - growing the the recycled bath

I've had to support the broad beans - the summer South Easter is confused and is still howling round our neck of the woods - and then when that is finally tired, the winter North Wester comes into play.

I am so grateful for my garden - not only is it a great source of pleasure and inspiration, but it will also take care of itself, now and then, when I am incapable.

And the plants that I am now concentrating on growing provide me with a year round source of nutrients - flowers are beautiful, but fruit and vegetables are more important for my / our needs.  And fruit and vegetables have a beauty all of their own...


  1. Sorry you have been so ill. I had a few knock down sicknesses this winter. It is hard to be flat on your back when you have so many things that need taken care of. Hopefully you remain well for the rest of the season.

  2. There's been varying viral bugs doing the rounds in our region in Australia. I contracted one of them at the beginning of April that left me with a lot of aches and pains and a bit of a dry cough but no runny nose or chest complaints. DH and DD12 currently have colds but I think that's more from the sudden chilly weather that's descended than from a bacterial/viral complaint. They aren't into herbal remedies so I've just used chilli, lemon juice and appropriate herbs as seasonings to hot meals and they don't know they are being 'medicated'! Eating well is part of being well :).

  3. Happy Mother's Day to all my Mother readers :-)

    Jane - that is exactly what I am hoping - and it would certainly make the last 10 days worth something LOL

    RobynK - Yes, think we would have the same virals - as both of us are heading to winter. Chilli, lemon and garlic - only meal we don't eat these with is breakfast, but agree, natural medicines are the first option.

  4. Happy mothers day Dani, so sorry to hear abt ur health, i m sure u must be fine by now, nice plants and yes , I too echo ur point veggies are beautiful and beneficial to grow, they serve the dual purpose.

  5. Manisha - thanks for the wishes and same to you :-)


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