"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry, Merry and Happy, Happy

May the Reason for the Season abound in your homes.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.


Leigh said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Mum said...

Merry Christmas to you.

Marlin Andrus said...

Cheers. Looking forward to next year. Hope it's very good to everyone.

MsBelinda said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Shirley said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Best wishes

Dani said...

Leigh - Many thanks my friend :D

Mum - Bless you for your wishes. Right back at'cha :D

Marlin - Ditto - 2018 has GOT to be better than 2017 :D

MsBelinda - Thank you, my dear - the same to you and your Mum ;D

Shirley - Thank you - the same to you and yours :D

Diane Flux said...

All the best for the season and the coming year. May you have lots of rain in 2018.

Dani said...

Diane - Thank you. Oh, yes, we need that desperately - together with a more stable government... :D

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dani!

Your blog is just like you--amazing! Well done--ATTAWOMAN! Believe me, you aren't just blogging to yourself, although that's a good idea, too, eh?

As I often do, I'm thinking of you and RMan and your family, trusting that you're all well and enjoying a wonderful holiday season. Did you make "Christmas Cake"? I'm sending Best Wishes that you manifest everything in your Highest Good in the New Year and beyond. Happy 2018!

With love and hugs, Michelle

Dani said...

My dear M - Thank you, my friend. Hmm, t'would appear you read my "spoilt brat" post.
Yeah, I know I'm not just blogging to myself, and yet I am too. Just got a bit lonely on that particular day... ;)

I hope you are weathering the extreme weather your currently experiencing - you've been in my thoughts a lot. Happy 2018 to you too - may it be all and more than you hope for