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Saturday 9 December 2017

Canine accomodation

Stellar at  6 months old small enough
 to fit under my writing desk
So, with Stellar and Dusty now firmly members of the family (well, actually, they were from the moment we laid eyes on them) ...
Stellar at 1 year and Dusty at 6 months old.  ne bed fitted in the space
perfectly.  Two - was one too many.  Their beds block the  entrance
 to the staircase
... plus their respective homemade beds, "space" in our lounge / at the entrance to the stairs is becoming a bit tight.  Sleeping outside in summer the temperature is perfect for dogs - although in winter they would have to move back indoors.

I priced a dog kennel large enough to house Stellar and was quote "only R2000.00" and Dusty would be another R1000.00.  There wasn't one big enough for both of them.

Hmmm,  that's a lot of money.

So, I had what I thought was a bright idea.
RMan re-doing the roof over the new proposed dog kennel
We have this unused, wasted area that used to house the quaddies (they are now stored elsewhere).  I said to RMan, if we throw a slab, re-do the roof more permanently (it leaked before) and ensure that the edges are sealed against the two adjoining walls, and put up some walls, perhaps we could let them sleep outside - especially during the hotter summer months.
"You need access to the washing line? Why?  It will only take 4 weeks.
 Can't you wait until I'm finished...?"
RMan cottoned on to my idea, and we proceeded to put the plan into action.  Naturally, the back yard became a construction site for the duration of the remodel ~ sigh

It's not easy hanging up washing around building materials...
Shiplapped wooden walls completed the project
Naturally, RMan did most of the work, but, I'm glad to report that my assistance was welcomed, and appreciated.
What a beautiful dog kennel 😀
The end result is brilliant.  And, thanks to our local sawmill, the whole thing cost less than buying only Stellar a dog kennel.

However, it will not be used as a dog kennel, because just as we completed it, we happened to spot a Cape Cobra in the back yard!!!  There is no way in hell that we would put the dogs into that dangerous a situation, so inside they will stay.  Houseguests will just have to climb over their beds - if and when they want to go upstairs.

All is not lost though - the kennel will now become a tool shed / storage room.


  1. what a cool tool shed. Life leads you down different paths sometime! Our youngest dog would probably like sleeping outside where as our rescue dog would never. We think in his previous life he was chained up or in a cage outside and left. he wont go out in the dark if I didnt stand out there with him. poor dog, but he lives with us now and we love the guts out of him and always will. :)

  2. Sol - Yup, but I shuld've given the snake problem a thought BEFORE we jumped in. Plus, we have two dogs who tend to bark and then run and hide behind us whilst we sort out the prolem ;) At least they give us a warning :D

    Ah well, t'will make a stunning tool shed...

  3. Well, storage space is always welcome! Looks really nice, well done RMan.

  4. Leigh - Agreed. Storage space never goes amiss. Did I mention that I am trying to declutter...? ;)

  5. I had to Google the Cape Cobra. YIKES!!!!!!! I think I'd be afraid to get tools out of the shed too, ha. But seriously, at least we can spot these things an understand they are not to be messed with. Sweet dogs just think they might be something new to play with and you can't have that. Don't blame you at all.

    Well, the new storage area is beautiful and well done, so whatever you put in there at least you know it will be safe and dry now.

  6. 1st Man - Yeah, we'll need a good door on the shed. Don't want any snakes hinding within.

    Unnfortunately, dogs often get bitten by snakes for exactly that reason - something to play with... :(

  7. Too bad you folks did all that work and then couldn't house the dogs there, but I can sure understand why. The word "cobra" is pretty frightening. I like those dogs, they are stout looking canines. Never hurts to have them around the homestead.😉

  8. Living in Australia, and just having been out to give the chooks some food and seeing a Tiger Snake in the hen house (4th sighting so far this season), my instant thought when you mentioned them sleeping outside at night was those SA snakes. I felt sure your nation's snakes would be like ours and often abroad at night. But what a lovely tool shed!

  9. Harry - Hmmmmmmmmmm ;) they may "look" stout, but at the slightest sound they bark, and when we go to investigate, they promptly hide behind us... Ah well, at least their hearing is younger than our, and they give us the warning.

    P.S. Add the word boomslang and puff adder to the word cobra... Stupid, we didn't think it through. The area will be put to use though.

  10. Fran - Yeah, I am aware of that too, and always give a good look round when I enter our chook house. No baby chicks for a snake, but certainly eggs...

    T'will be a lovely tool shed, or similar :D


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