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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New life...

...brings so much joy.

Allowing for a time to grieve allows for a time for hurt hearts to heal.  Memories linger, photo's remind - they always will.  But, the emptiness is there.

We sadly had to let Scallywag go on to the permanent fields of play last year.  At 17 he had lived a long, full and happy life.  RMan was deeply scarred by the action we had to take, and has taken time to heal.

I have been on the lookout for another dog for a couple of months.  We wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback as they originated in Suurbraak.  And "local is lekker"  πŸ˜ƒ  But, the cost of pedigreed Ridgebacks is horrendous.

Then, last week I saw an ad for puppies in a local publication...

I tentatively showed RMan the ad.

He didn't really react.

But, I couldn't forget about the puppies.

I showed him again.

Again - not much of a reaction.

What the hell.  I called the lady in the ad and asked if any were still available.

Yup.  There was one puppy left.  So off we toddled on Sunday morning - "just to have a look, RMan..."
Stellar - a little sad, probably a little car-sick, and
 quiet - but loving the pats, and strokes, and
 tummy tickles
They named her Stormy...

But we have renamed her Stellar - she is sooo black - like the night sky, with a milky way across her feet / legs and chest.
The car sickness wore off, and she wolfed down her dinner...
What have I (re)discovered about puppies?

Puppies are not for the fastidious housewife - a title I lay absolutely no claim to πŸ˜‚

They will not be that mad about their first ½ hour car trip.  Even if they're in the footwell at your feet on a brand new soft and cuddly blanket, and you are constantly stroking them and petting them.

They will be sad to leave their Mum and siblings.

They will be quiet and reserved.

They will be still and slow to react.

Until they realize that "Hey, these guys aren't so bad!!".

And then it's a case of...

...sweeping the floor is an impossibility.  The broom looks like far too much fun.  And - once captured - dragging it off at speed is one of her favourite games.

Ditto shoes...  And it doesn't matter how big and clumpy they are either.  She'll make a plan...
Crocs taste good!!
All books, business paperwork and Farmers Weekly or go! Platteland magazines have to be relocated.  Actually - being totally honest - most things within 3 feet of floor level have to be moved.

All curtains ( including shower curtains and the mosquito net around the bed) that waft about in a breeze cause barking, excitement and the hunt (and future capture) is on.  Trying to dislodge them from their hooks is imperative to a 9-week old puppy.  Dirty clothing tossed on the floor (before they are put in the laundry basket) is a prize which has to be shared with everyone.  Even if it trips one up as one escapes with ones "treasure".

As soon as a puppy wakes from it's nap, head for outside...  At speed!!  And 2-year-old newspapers are useful for "accidents".
Not good enough for Squeak, but definitely
 right up Stellar's alley πŸ˜†
Bell filled balls I purchased for Squeak - which she turned her nose up at - are fascinating to Stellar and will cause her to do multiple somersaults and cart wheels as she chases after and tries to catch them.

A tray of seedlings is meant to be munched.  Isn't it???

The joy with which a human is greeted in the morning brings indescribable warmth to the heart.

Clumsy, loping puppy walk is really something to watch - as often as possible.

Water out of a hosepipe isn't really meant for the plants - is it??

Being the one to give her a first ever taste of boiled chicken breast - you're best friends for life.

Tummy scratches are heaven!

Although we take a chance getting a puppy at this stage - because who knows who will outlive the other - it was a brilliant move.  So much joy, so much unconditional love and so much happiness.

A home without a dog just doesn't feel right...


  1. Congrats on this new little, for now, canine family member named Stellar.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

    1. Lorraine - Thank you πŸ˜€

      Yes, she will at least double in size - if not triple.

      She is a treat 😁

  2. Wow, how wonderful! You were all meant to be together! Someday when we are living at the farm, I want a dog (or two, ha) as well as cats of course. A piece of land just NEEDS a dog (or two) to run on. Stellar (wonderful name) is going to be so much fun.

    You didn't realize how much you needed each other. ;-)


    1. 1st Man - Thanks

      When you get your puppy, you will realize exactly what you have been missing :D

  3. Wonderful addition to the home, we have just taken on a new addition, you are going to have so much fun :-)

    1. Dawn - You also got a puppy??? Yup, life is certainly eventful with Stellar in it... ;)

  4. Every dog's dream to end up on a farm with loving owners, this one is definitely blessed. She's going to be a monster, look at the size of those paws.

    1. pqsa - Yup - we saw her Mum - not a small Ridgeback...! The bigger the dog, the bigger the deterrent too ;)

  5. She looks adorable. I need some puppy therapy!!!

    1. PTGD - She is :) Best therapy in the world!!! :D

  6. She is a beauty! How cute. And the Crocs... I know your pain there is something about them that dogs love to try and rip up!

    Good luck!

    Welcome Stellar you are already an internet star.

    Woof and licks from Eric and Marta!

    1. Sol - The crocs aren't such an issue - this pair are rip-offs and are past their prime anyway - that's why they're being sacrificed ;)

      Stellar says "grrr-ooooof" (howdy-doody) right back at Eric & Marta :D

  7. Sorry your old dog passed away. It's really hard to lose a friend like that. Nearly kills me when I lose a ferret or a dog. But you are right, a home without a dog is really not a home.

    1. Harry - We had to assist Scallywag to find some peace and comfort.

      But, everything is coming right again in this home... ;)

  8. It is so hard to let go of your beloved dog when it is time. Stellar is beautiful, there is nothing quite like having a dog in your home and heart. I will miss my sons dogs when he is well enough to move back home, hopefully I will be getting another dog sometime soon.

    1. Chickpea - It's a heartbreaking decision, but the needs of the family member come before our emotional ones.

      Can't wait to see your baby (or not so baby... ;) )

  9. It's been a long time since we had a puppy here, but now I'm smiling at the memories. We called our Ginny "the black shadow of death." She chewed up EVERYTHING she could find, before eventually maturing into a mellow obedient girl.

    Congrats to Stellar for finding such an excellent home. May you all have many years of happy times together. :)

    1. Bill - Our last puppy came into our lives in 2000 - long enough to forget all of the above :D

      Thank you - just getting her through the chewing phase will be a feat in itself... ;)


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