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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Drinkable Book - Water is Life

This is indeed good news - Dr Theresa Dankovich you are indeed a life saver.

Apparently, costing only pennies to produce, and encased in a handy "booklet" form, these water filters could revolutionize clean water availability world wide.

Personally, RMan and I can't wait to get our hands on a book.

The water, which is provided to our area, is stored in "open" tanks.  By that I mean that the water which comes directly from Overberg Water is collected at a central place, and stored in roughly 16 X 5000 lt (rainwater) tanks (exactly the same as those we use to collect the rainwater from our roof).  Gravity then feeds the water to all the smallholdings in our area.

But, those tanks aren't "secured" and the lid can easily be removed by those with nefarious intent.

Knowing that we can easily filter our drinking water cheaply will be very reassuring.  Plus, it will make our own rainwater available for drinking too.

Similarly, as we have seen on our TV, all those sewerage farms countrywide which are suffering from "lack of maintenance" due to infrastructure problems / corruption / ignorance / fraud, could perhaps use this system to assist with the production of clean water - all Dr Dankovich would have to do is manufacture those filters in an industrial form.  Which would mean that less water would be wasted, and the remaining "solid mass" could possibly be treated and used for humanure.

I seriously hope that this invention is fast-tracked and these filters are available in the very near future.


Marlene aka Ouma Miaau said...

I agree, Dani, and we would certainly be buying those filters for use on our water tanks. In our country where droughts are always on the horizon, tank water could be life savers if properly sanitized. Our roofs, after all, are not bird poo proof!!

Dani said...

Marlene - Indeed they are not. But, from the sounds of it, these filters could even filter black water. So, instead of municipalities shoving contaminated water into the oceans, perhaps it could be recycled in the future...?

Dawn McHugh said...

What a brilliant idea, I hope they are rolled out soon to those who need them :-)

kymber said...

Dani - such a beautiful idea! i want clean drinking water for everyone on the planet! but i am a bit of a berkey pusher. we love our berkeys! sending much love hon!

your friend,

Dani said...

Dan - I do too. But, even 1st World countries that could be at risk due to water restrictions / droughts could benefit. The water system is only as good as the available water / staff... ;)

Dani said...

kymber, kymber, kymber - I know you love your Berkey, but if you could get something easier, and far cheaper that takes up less space than your Berkey's, why not???

Kirsty Udall said...

Oh Dani, I LOVE it!! What a fantastic idea and to be honest I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and that is beautifully done. Silver is an amazing element. I dispense heaps of silver dressings for wound healing and it can turn a really grotesque wound around so quickly. Great idea, let's hope it gets rolling.

Dani said...

Kirsty - I hope so too. I've contacted them and asked them if they could put me on their mailing list for when it is available. They could do a lot of good in our area...