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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Birthday cake

Now, I'm not really a cake eater - apart from a lovely fresh carrot cake, or a baked cheesecake.  And I don't normally make a cake for my birthday.  But, I happened upon this recipe whilst browsing the net, and I just had to try it.  This is recipe is absolutely amazing!!
3 ingredient cheesecake
What makes it even more incredible is that it uses only three ingredients. 


I lie not.

The recipe is as follows:

3 eggs
120gm (4.3 oz) white chocolate
120gm (4.3 oz) cream cheese

Preheat the oven to 170°C (338°F)

Cut baking paper to fit your cake tin.  Line the tin and butter well.  This will prevent the cake from cracking as it bakes.

Separate the eggs and place the whites in a bowl.  Leave the egg whites in the fridge until you require them (that makes the meringue more stable.)

Break the chocolate into pieces and soften in a bowl placed over hot water (double boiler).

When they are melted, add the cream cheese and mix well.  Remove from the heat and add the egg yolks.  Again - mix well.

3 ingredient cheesecake with granadilla reduction
Remove the egg whites from the fridge, and place in a deep bowl.  Beat well with a mixer until stiff peaks form (and the egg whites remain in place when you turn the bowl upside down).

Then add 1/3 of the meringue mixture to the cream cheese mixture and mix in gently with a spatular.  Add another 1/3, and finally the last 1/3 mixing gently each time.

Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and knock gently on the counter to remove large air bubbles.  Place in the oven and bake at 170°C (338°F) for 15 minutes, 160°C for 15 minutes, and then switch off the oven and bake with the remaining heat for a final 15 minutes.

Remove from the oven and leave on a wire rack to cool.

I coated the top of the cheesecake with a homegrown granadilla reduction.

RMan's conclusion.  Delicious.  He wiped most of it lol

Plus, I have a sneaky feeling that I can adapt it to a solar oven recipe...

So, I'm going to try that next summer.

The only problem I encountered - I presumed that my baking tin was "normal" but it was too wide - the recipe asked for a 15cm (6 inch) baking tin, and my smallest was 22cms (9 inches)  and the cake, although risen, was "spreadeagled".  So - either next time I use a smaller tin, or I make double.

What a stress!!  bwahahaha

Whilst I was at it I decided to make John's Amish coleslaw from the recipe which he had been very kind enough to send me
John from The Simple Life's Amish coleslaw
That, too, worked well, and now resides in my pantry :)

Dont'cha love it when plans come together?


Sol said...

Call me Aunt Sally, I love all cake! that looks delicious

kymber said...

mother of all that is holy - send me that cake!!! and i can't wait to check out John' s coleslaw - it better be good! i am a bit of a coleslaw snob - bahahahhaah!

i am glad you had a nice cake for your birthday. did you love your birthday song?

your friend,

Sue said...

Not a cake eater? Oh my. In my book , that 's like saying you don't like chocolate!!
I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth--it would make it so much easier to lose that extra......never mind how many pounds.
So happy you had such a nice birthday.

Kirsty Udall said...

Happy Birthday Dani x

Moonwaves said...

That looks and sounds fabulous. Will definitely have to give it a go. Happy Birthday!

DFW said...

Happy Birthday Dani! That cake looks delicious.

Dani said...

Sol - Or should that be Aunt Sally ;) Oh, t'was, indeed, t'is a delicious mixture...

Dani said...

kymber - It wouldn't make the trip... I LOVED my birthday song - bless you my friend :D

Dani said...

Sue - Actually, I'm not that fussed about chocolate either... But, nonetheless, I still have a waistline that's spreading!! Bloody age creeping up and doing it's worst grrrrrrrr

Dani said...

Thank you Kirsty :)

Dani said...

Moonwaves - You won't regret it. Thank for the wishes :)

Dani said...

Thanks Dallas. It was yummy - definitely a repeater ;)