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Saturday 6 June 2015

Prayers answered

Our prayers were answered in these last few days.

I have been reading everywhere that there is supposed to be in an El Niňo in 2015 - that means that we would experience lower than normal rainfall this winter.  Bearing in mind that last year we had very low rain, I was most concerned at the prospect of futher reduced precipitation.  Not for the veggies - those are more than adequately watered through our porous pipe.  But, our alapcas - well, that is another thing altogether...

Giving them water to drink is also sorted - they consume about 5 - 8 ltrs each / day.  So, 32 ltrs / day is do-able lol

But, without rain their grazing won't grow - not only in their paddock, but also the oats that RMan planted.  The oats this year are looking "O.K.-ish" not wonderful, but at least we'll be able to harvest some.  Which is better than nothing - which is what we harvested from last year's disasterous crop.

My weather site in Norway has been predicting some rain this week for the preceeding 5 - 7 days.  Our local TV channel (ENCA) weather broadcast wasn't confirming that - until last Saturday.

Sunday - the first snow fell on the higher mountains, whilst here where we are...

... well, judge for yourself...

Bearing in mind that we live in a winter rainfall area,
you can see how last winter's rain was below average.
We have had almost as much rain 

 (125+mm / almost 5 inches) 
in the past 5 days as we had for the entire winter
  season last year.
Maybe a graph isn't as clear as these pictures :

The dam level last week
(26 May 2015)
Almost at rock bottom - well,
betonite covered bottom

Then - over the past 5 days -
the cemented inflow gully is holding up well -
 the collapsing right hand side is due to saturation
of the soil, not due to the water flow.

The dam level on Monday 
(1 June 2015)
The water level is almost up
to the white line

The dam level Thursday morning
(4 June 2015)
The jetty is lost to view, and
the inflow gully is also under

And this is the view from our front patio on
Thursday morning 4 June 2015 -

the dam is officially overflowing...
Now that is a fair amount of rain which fell in only 5 days.  The alpaca's - well, they're soaked naturally.  But, nothing that a bit of sun and wind won't dry out fairly quickly.

Our rain water storage tanks are overflowing.

And, the ground is well soaked - deeply.

Thank the Lord.


  1. That is incredible! You are well and truly watered now.

    1. Chickpea - I forgot to mention. The dam holds roughly 300 000 ltrs - and at flooding probably another 50 000. So yes, we are well and truly watered :)

  2. I am so glad you finally got the rain. It has been raining here quite often, and I just couldn't figure out a way to send it your way except through prayer. No doubt others did the same. And isn't the power of prayer something awesome to behold?

    1. Vicki - Bless you for your prayers. Yup - prayer IS powerful :)

  3. I have eading about the El Nino as well for us it means a really long harsh freezing winter, so we are preparing just in case, the wood stores are being filled and I will be stocking up on animal feeds as well, In a few months we will have a hay and straw delivery enough to see the alpacas through winter.
    Pleased you got your water that isnt the problem we would face.

    1. Dawn - Yes, El Nino has different affects round the world. WSe were ujnale to get our hands on oat hay for the alpacas this winter, but finally have oats growing in the field. We have (early) harvested some with seed heads, and they are loving them :) Can't eat them quick enough lol

      Good job on getting your winter wood / preps done - one less thing to worry about / source when the rest of the people round you start to panic ;)

  4. Dani - i think that between Vicki's prayers and my raindancing - a miracle occurred and you got all of that rain! oh jambaloney helped with the raindancing - i can't take all of the credit! but i am glad that your pond is filled and that your ground got a deep soaking - that will go a long way in keeping the alpacas fed and happy. sending much love, as always.

    your friend,

    1. Ah kymber - I can just picture you and jam raindacning "nekked". Not that you'd want to be nekked here - especially in the early morning or late afternoons - it too bloody chilly lol

      Thanks my friend.

  5. I'm surprised the pacas won't get under their nice shelter during long rainstorms! The weight of that wet fiber must be substantial, to say the least.

    1. Quinn - The alpacas do go under their shelter - especially in the heavy rain. But they also have to eat, and when out grazing in the rain they get wet. Their fibre is water resistant (http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/10-things-you-didnt-know-about-alpacas)

  6. YAY for you!!!! Hey, we had our first dry weekend in weeks and we'r grateful for that, and now you get the rain for the first time in weeks. Weather is amazing at times!

    Congrats for you all!!

    1. 1st Man - You'vev finally got your sunshine, and we have our rain. Yipeeeeee! :)

  7. Wonderful! Glad you got the rain you needed. May you have abundant crops and happy healthy pastures.

    1. Bill - Thank you. The rain will certainly go a long way towards ensuring that :)


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