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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Finding the right spot...

... to house a tractor takes time.
Big, leaking oil, and taking up too much space -
we had to find a new home for the tractor...
A couple of years ago RMan bought a skedonk 2nd hand tractor, and, as the gearbox isn't sealed against the elements, it has to be kept undercover when not in use.  He had built a carport next to the garage - which was meant to be for my car - but, with the acquisition of said farm implement, it instantly became the tractor shed.

But - that is also where we store the alpaca feed.

Which was attracting field mice - not only for the pellets / oat seed which invariably gets accidentally dropped on the floor, but they were also burrowing into the bales of lucerne - nest making.

And chewing the tractor wiring.

Not good.

Also, due to space constraints the genny, which is also kept there, was positioned with it's exhaust aimed directly at the lucerne bales.

Not good again.

The tractor took up too much room, so we had to find another spot for it - well, I say we, but I mean me lol
I was only using a 1/3 of the second
shadecloth structure to propagate cuttings /
grow my seedlings.
We had erected a second shadecloth structure where I was propagating cuttings / starting seedlings, but that certainly didn't take up all the space available.  I suggested to RMan that he covered two thirds of the roof area with IBR sheeting and relocate his tractor there.  Thankfully RMan agreed with me.
It's a slightly tight fit, but it works :)
The tractor is now happily ensconced in it's new home...
The genny was located to the left of the feed
buckets with it's exhaust pointing towards the
lucerne.  Now, in it's new position, it's

(newly extended) exhaust expels it's fumes out of
the enclosed carport.  The sandbags surrounding it
 are there to try and help mute the noise of the 
 genny on those rare occasions when it is in use.
... and the genny has it's newly extended exhaust pointing outside of the enclosed carport area.
The white 1000lt container in the foreground
was sacrificed - by removing it from the support
frame, cutting it in half - and has become a
brilliant mouse-free lucerne bale storage unit 
(because they can't climb the slippery sides, 
and they can't jump that high)

The big bale of lucerne - well, we took one of our 1 000lt water containers, removed it from its aluminium frame, cut the water storage section in half, and we're storing the lucerne in that - the sides of the container are too slippery for a mouse to climb, and too steep to jump into :)  I was OK with sacrificing the water storage container because trying to find fittings in order to use the container for it's intended purpose was impossible - there is nothing that will fit the outlet tap section of these units available in this country.

And my car now has protection from the weather once again :)

Any idea's as to how I can re-purpose/ recycle the frame from the 1 000lt water container...?


Mum said...

Would it make a climbing frame for your vegetables?

DFW said...

Constantly shifting, that's how all of our lives seem to be, isn't it? Glad you found homes & purposes for everything.

Dani said...

Mum - Not sure. The frame is square and about 1.2 X 1.2mtrs in size...?

Dani said...

DFW - There is the perfect spot for everything, it's just a matter of finding it lol

Harry Flashman said...

Adequate storage for vehicles, supplies and equipment is always at a premium. It's absurd that I have four purpose built edifices on my land and I am seriously considering building a fifth. Your solution was a good one, solved the problem and did not include a major construction project.

Dani said...

Harry - There is a saying in this country " 'n boer maak a plan" (a farmer makes a plan). Fixing / sorting out a problem with the lest possible expense is always the goal :)

Kev Alviti said...

Good solution. Keeping mice out can be a real pain. We're tempted to get dads quad bike over here but without somewhere super secure they're really stealable and wouldn't last a day out in the open. Dads plan is to get an old diesel tank he's go up the field, cut the front off it and make it into a door with a big padlock. This would then be a secret hiding place that would look just like an old fuel tank to everyone else.
A side note - I've been eating my peppers in the way you posted on here and they're amazing, worth the effort and I've managed to get some of your seeds from a friend that won your seed give away a while back so hopefully I can try to do it with the real mcCoy this year!

Dani said...

Kev - That would be a wonderful recycling of a diesel tank :) And love the "secretness" of it :)

Oh, I'm so glad you got some seeds - from Dawn? ;)