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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Only a few words from me today - and a request that you watch this:


Finally, after watching the above documentary, do you check the contents of the products you're purchasing from the store, or consider what exactly you are putting into your bodies when you purchase "fast food"?


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    1. Tewshooz - Yes, I did.

      But what left me speechless was the depths to which Monsanto will stoop to get control. And what the farmer said about the weeds being noticeably more prolific than after he had stopped using roundup for two seasons. And how GMO's can be promoted when there is no frigging study on the long term effects of consuming such goods. And...

      Monsanto and the Oil companies - they're all of the same ilk... Completely irresponsible. And greedy. And megalomaniacs.

  2. I buy my meat from a gal down the road---I see how the animals are raised, what they eat, etc. I grow most of my own vegetables. The fruits , etc I have to buy,, I buy organic. I believe we vote for what we want with our dollars. Enough pressure on these companies and things can change. I've already read some companies are now changing to suppliers to avoid GMO ingredients. It's changing---VERY slowly, but at least it's a step in the right direction.
    The main thing is to keep trying to educate the masses. So often I hear---I can't afford organic. It's too expensive to eat well. No. It's not. You just have to work a bit harder to find things, grow a few things, and the main thing---give up things that ARE expensive, like JUNK FOOD. So simple, but yet people don't want to give up the crap. Sorry---this is an "irksome" issue with me. I am forever hearing about my "FANCY DIET". Fancy? Really?? The way people USED to eat????
    I RUINED my health and paid dearly for it. Lesson learned. I try and tell people to change BEFORE they get that sick.....but obviously, people think it won't happen to them. Yea. Right.
    Anywho, enough B@#$%^* !! Sorry to vent.
    Keep pushing it, Dani! If we can change even ONE person's mind, it's worth it.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Sue - At least we are fortunate here that products containing GMO's are identified on the packaging. I understand that Monsanto managed to prevent that labeling in the US.

      Junk food - MacDonalds, Kentucky Fried, Wimpy, etc - they are guaranteed to use GMO products 'cos they're cheap and the "shareholders" need the profit. Bah!!!

      Everybody, no matter how small their balcony / garden / property, should be able to grow something edible - no matter how small a contribution it makes to their diets. At least they will be "boosting" their intake with what they KNOW is safe.

      NEVER apologise for venting - especially on this topic. I hope / dream / need to help just that one person understand and thus make the change. So, I'm afraid that I will "keep pushing" it, Sue :) Not every post, but certainly every now and then when I find something that I want / need to share. If there are 100 000 people on this planet that feel as I do, and we can affect just one other person each - then it's 200 000 - which could become 400 000... ;)

      Hope spurs me on.

  3. you go Dani! i haven't seen that documentary but have seen several others on the topic. we try to consume no processed products and always try to start with organic, natural food and build our meals from scratch. that means there are no pizza pockets, lean cuisines, already-made tomatoe sauces, etc. ever come in to our house. and we haven't eaten any fast food in years - bleck! we buy all organic and try to not purchase products that travel over 100miles (except for avocados, limes and lemons which come from california - all organic but we can't give those three things up!).

    so many people think that buying pre-packaged food from m&m meat shops or grocery chains means they are eating healthy. especially if the box "says" it has less sodium or fat. balogney! the people here eat abysmally and we have been trying to encourage the people here to eat healthier to little avail. but we'll keep trying!

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. kymber - It is well worth watching as Jeremy Seifert conceptualized and produced this after considering his children's welfare and well-being.

      Take-aways - whether ready cooked from a fast food outlet, or a quick and easy "empty out of the box and into the pan with milk / eggs / water" added type of meal are NOT what the good Lord had in mind for any of us. Honour our bodies, NOT the latest craze in fast food...

  4. It is truly disgusting. However, what is terrifying is that the vast majority of people out there just don't even think about it. Blindly purchasing and eating these "foods" every.single.day. without thought as to what's really in it and how it might affect them or our environment. Terrifying.

    1. Melissa - It is up to us then to help "educate" them :)

  5. Just to let you know I won the pepper seeds and have now re-posted the giveaway, I am in South Wales UK, Many thanks for doing this lovely blog as well :-)

    1. Dawn - Welcome - thanks for leaving a comment. Congrats - I hope your peppers grow from strength to strength :)

      Please - could I ask you to go to the piquante pepper page and leave a comment - even if it's just "hi - parcel received". That way we can all see where these potential peppers have travelled to worldwide :)

  6. Just about everything on offer in our grocery stores is Frankenfood in one way or other. We have to be very, very careful when our daughter comes to visit as she has severe allergic reactions to some genetically engineered foods. We have to buy her food from the "gourmet" section or the deli, where the food is specifically labeled as non genetically engineered. This means there is little variety for her here in our small town area, and it is very expensive. But if she accidentally eats the wrong thing she could die.

    1. Harry - I'm so sorry to hear of your daughters' affliction. I'm sure a lot of today's health problem, (and tomorrows) will find their roots in GMO products...

      Do you have stock of non-GMO for her in your storage? Must be quite a thing to organise.


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