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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Introductions all round?

I often wonder about the origins of names that other people use as their Blogger name.  The name I use, is an abbreviation of my given name, Danielle (pronounced Dan-ee-elle).  I shortened it to Dani because I was tired of being called "Daniel" - a common way of saying the female version it in South Africa.

But - there are many fascinating names of followers of my blog out there e.g. Chickpea (is that because you're a chick, and pea is part of your surname?  Or because you like peas?  Or chickpeas?  Or is it a favourite family name from when you were a child?)

Similarly, (and in no particular order) : The Shroom, shrimptonandperfect, (from the 60's a.k.a. Jean Shrimpton?), dreamer, Fracas Farm, Wriggly Tin Farm, Bear Soap, DFW, Hilltop Homestead, Redloon, Thistlechick, Treasure Hunter Girl, 1st Man, johnnybgood, Riverhauler...?

Won't you share what inspired you to choose your Blogger names - without exposing your privacy?  Just for a bit of fun :)
RMan and Dani in 2007 - cartoon style :)
(And you can't see the wrinkles nor the grey hair
- bwahahaha)
I'll leave you with the link to a site that my brother sent me http://cartoon.pho.to/

It's brilliant, and it instantly transforms any photo into a cartoom image.


Moonwaves said...

I used to use Misty Moon as my username on a lot of websites (years ago) and then when I wanted to join a new site (it might even have been the then It's Not Easy Being Green forum), the name was already taken. I had chosen it originally as I've always loved the moon and was, well, in my early 20s and still partial to "romantic" images (I still am but like to at least think my taste in art has improved somewhat!). Anyway, I wanted something fast, kind of wanted to keep moon in it and tried to think to myself what else is connected with the moon. Waves it was. I do love the sea, too. I'm not quite as much into the whole feminine mystique thing as I was ten year ago either but the name has stuck firmly and since I do still love the moon and the sea that's fine. It's funny how other people interpret it, too, most seem to think of waving rather than any connection to the sea.

Moonwaves said...

Great topic, by the way. :)

Sol said...

Im just Sol. My aunt is Marisol. Only my family call me Sunny, the little kids call me Solly. Which makes them giggle as Sully is from Monsters Inc film, its kind of like a little kids knock knock joke that makes no sense to anyone but them.

DFW said...

My initials, as well as Dallas Fort Worth Airport, which I used to travel through quite a bit.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Shrimpton and Perfect are family names. Elizabeth Shrimpton married Dr. William Perfect, a century or two ago.

Jean x

Dani said...

Cool - pleasedtameetcha :) thanks for being a sport.

I always pictured Moonwaves as something languid and undulating. Lovely name :)

With your affinity to the moon are you a night person?

Dani said...

Sol - The first comment involved the moon and you're about the sun lol

Sunny sounds a lovely name - it conjures up images of light and happiness. Clever family :)

Dani said...

DFW - from henceforth I'm going to think of you as Dallas :)

Dani said...

S&P - Oh, love the historical image your story invokes. Thanks :)

Any relation to the model?

The Shroom said...

Ha! Well, I always liked my privacy and an alias gives me the opportunity to speak freely and truthfully without it impacting on my professional profile (a good idea seeing that unhappy bosses/colleagues troll social media to get dirt on you these days!). Anyways... I wanted something related to vegetable gardening and somehow related to my studies is molecular biology - I have always been fascinated by fungi and their role as decomposers/pathogens fits in well with gardening - hence The Shroom.

Although, the name sometimes backfires cuz people think I use/distribute magic mushrooms then! I even had a bunch of spammers advertise them in the comments section on my posts! Ag nee man! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!
One would think that my picture of the Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria, would indicate otherwise... *Sigh*

If there is one thing in life to stay away from it is Psilocybe mushrooms! Hallucinations and gardening might not turn out for the best, especially when gardening tools are involved... LOL!

Leigh said...

I can very much relates to what The Shroom is saying about the sense of freedom that comes with privacy. On almost all of the forums I belong to I use a screen name, which makes me feel like I can ask stupid questions freely!

I can also relate to your troubles with your name Dani. I have mispronunciation troubles as well. In the northern U.S. (where I grew up) they pronounced it "Lay" as in Leigh rhymes with sleigh. In the south, they say "lay-ah". Maybe the H throws them off as in Leah(?). I used to try to correct folks by giving them an example. I would say, "no, it's pronounced "lee" like in Vivian Leigh." Then one time an older woman stopped, stared, and said down her nose at me, "don't you wish!". After that I just let them say what they will. Interestingly, more and more people are getting it right nowadays. It's always nice to have them get your name right. :)

Sol said...

at school when we started to learn French, I was in for it! lol Everyone started to sing Sunny and Cher. You can imagine, "Ive goooooot youuuuuu baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe".

Dani said...

Or the Beatles - "Here comes the sun..." :)

Dani said...

Shroom - Damn, I replied to your comment via my supposed smart phone, butI see it's not there!!

Yeah - can imagine that your Blogger name could encourage the wrong sort of comments. But, anyone reading your blog would realize immediately that you're not that kind of 'Shroom ;)

Dani said...

Leigh - Well, I hope that woman got what she deserved in life. What a bitchycomment to make - and so frigging unnecessary in the grand scheme of things!!!

I've always thought of you as Leigh as in Ski or Lee :)

1st Man said...

Dani; much like Shroom and Leigh above, my story is similar. It was due partially to privacy concerns with employers nosing around in social media, and because I have an unusual first name in real life. For the blog, when I started it I figured it was easy to just identify us each as 1st Man and 2nd Man (since the blog is Two Men and a Little Farm). Sadly, because not everyone is as socially liberal minded to be accepting of same sex relationships, that's the other reason for privacy and to keep random internet people from knowing where we live.

My email address is a handle I use, you may see it on my sidebar, it's HOUSTONRAY and that's where I live (in the city of course, not the farm) and ray is a family name.

SO that's me! :-)

This is a great topic by the way.

Dani said...

1st Man - LOL - and here I thought Ray (from Houston) was your name...

I completely understand the privacy issue, and am thrilled that all of you have been brave enough to share a little more about yourselves and your names in your comments above.

Thank you all for joining in the fun :)