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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Out of town

Yesterday was RMan's birthday.  Yup, it's on the same day as Mr Nelson Mandela's :)

So we sort of took the day off.

We decided to travel through to Mossel Bay - approximately 170kms away - for the day. There was a highly recommended restaurant there which serves a carvery and, apparently, it is pretty reasonably priced.  It is also situated within a casino complex - and RMan does like a flutter once a year or so. Seeing as he hadn't visited a casino in over 4 years, he was long overdue. LOL

Unfortunately, RSon was unable to join us for the weekend, so we organised to meet up with Natasha, Wayne, Mike and baby H at the venue.

After tending to all the animals - both the four and two footed - we set off. The road to Mossel Bay is fantastic - in a very good condition and very scenic. Passing hundreds of aloes lining the roads in one area, which then became a road surrounded with beautiful, artistic wild grasses.  

Finally arriving at Garden Route Casino, we first went to fill our stomachs.  We had booked for 7 people and only ended up being 5½ (the half being HJG in her own chair.)  But, the restaurant had given us a table large enough for 7. A really beautiful table - and once which was a feature in the restaurant.

Around the table they had a privacy "wall" of chains - similar to bathroom plug chain - which was suspended from the ceiling in a very simple curatain track. Above the centre of the table was a light which mimicked the effect.

My camera is on it's way out, and was battling to focus - but this is what the light looked like:
A simple gear type plate, with "bobble"
type chain of different lengths
creating the light fixture.
The effect created by the light on the ceiling added to the overall look of the table.
A close up of the ceiling fitting.
Plus you can see the centre "gear"
through the chain - it is the support
for the hanging chain 
As we still haven't got any light fittings in any of the bedrooms - just the bare bulb hanging down from the ceiling - and although this type of fixture will date pretty easily, it has given me an idea...

Lets see if it will work.  If it does I'll post a pic or two...

It was getting late-ish by the time we left the restaurant, and, with a 1¾ hour return trip ahead of us, plus Natasha, Mike and baby HJG excluded from the casino, and animals to feed at the end of the trip, RMan's visit to the casino was brief.  But lucrative :)

We have been here for 2 year and 19 days - and this was our first foray along the N2 to the east.  More than time to do a little exploring.

It was a lovely day all round - our eyes are full of the natural beauty of the area, RMan filled up in the carvery (so he had his meat fill for the week), we were together with family, and RMan had some fun.

It was a perfect day - even the weather played ball :)


  1. That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate...happy bDay, RMan!

    1. Quinn - It was, and RMan says thanks :)

  2. We all need days like that. It's what life is all about.

    Jean x

    1. Jean - It was our first "spoilt" outingvis more years than I care to remember. A good day :)

  3. Happy Birthday RMan. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Love from Mum

    1. Mum - RMan says "Thank you - and I did " :)

  4. It's always good to get a little break, see some different sights. I am leery about leaving my place but I know from time to time it's really necessary. From the sound of it you all had a good time.

    1. Harry - A break is good as a holiday, so I've been told. It was good to take a break - we've been at it constantly since we arrived here on 29 June 2012 :)

  5. sorry I got to miss meeting you - you were just a stone's throw away from Great Brak River. I trust you'll visit Mossel Bay again sometime. Next time - try Sea Gypsy - especially the Pirate's Breakfast (huge breakfast - you'll have to fast until at least 10:30!) (no i'm not advertising - it's just my favourite spot I take my visitors to) love!

    1. Magda - Oh, that's a pity. Thanks for the recommendation - will try and renember if and when we're next in Mossel Bay - thanks :)


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