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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Danger over

Our little two plate Univa caravan stove, with grill and small oven, which we took out of the caravan and placed in the farmhouse kitchen, has taken a fair amount of punishment in the last 2 years.

The burner grid was being eroded by the extreme heat.  In some places it was almost burnt through.  And I couldn't find spares anywhere online.  I mean, the caravan is from the early '80's - and is Univa still in existence?  I couldn't find them...

A close up of the wear and tear on the pot grid
But, we depend on that little stove all year round - to heat the water for our morning tea / coffee and to make our toast.  The oven we've never used - apparently is chews LP gas like water going down a plug hole.

And, as we had measured, and built the kitchen cupboard / counter when the house was being built (the cupboards have brick side walls) we couldn't exactly knock down the walls in order to accomodate a new larger stove.  Most of the new gas stoves have electric ovens - who needs one of those in their lives?  No thank you.  LOL

And tossing out a perfectly usable little stove is very rarely an option as far as I am concerned.  A little bit of TLC is all it will take and the stove will be as good as new.
Thoroughly buckled and twisted - the grid was
dangerous and pots sloped towards the sides...
I asked a couple of local businesses if they would be prepared to make me a new burner / pot grid, but their price was completely over the top!
Then RMan suggested why not ask RSon - he is in the stainless steel business now, and if anyone could make it he could.

On one of his visits, he took the measurements.
Just like a new stove top :)
And last weekend, when he came to install the solar panels for us, he brought the new burner grid with him.
Perfectly level and just like new
No more pots sliding sideways off the cooking area.  No more fried eggs lurching almost out of the frying pan.

Everything is level again.

It's the simple things in life that can bring such joy :)

Once again - thanks RSon :)


Vicki said...

That is just cool! It is good to see someone working to fix a problem rather than just toss it on the trash heap and buy new. I think that in today's society, there are very few people left who actually know how to fix anything. Or even how to think through to a solution for a problem.

Dani said...

Vicki - Thanks :) I reckon that if everyone HAD to make at least one trip a year to a landfill site, they would understand how important it is to try and repair, as opposed to replace.

Anyway, we love that little stove - it has memories for us - so why toss it out?

Sol said...

Excellent. I try and hold my inner Womble in, but I just cant help myself. I have found so many useful things in skips. I knocked on the door of a Kuwaiti family once who seemed to renovate their whole house every other year. There was a really large coffee table in the skip and asked if I could have it. they were so happy as they also off loaded a year old kitchen to me. My friends kitchen had fallen apart and in desperate need of a new one. they carefully took it out and fitted part of it in their own house and part in her sisters! Free kitchens? Yes please. the told me skips were £170 each one

The coffee table was sanded and waxed it had 2 coffee cup rings on it. it now resides in a family members house and they get comments on it and how nice it is all the time. this was something they would have been smashed up to make it all fit into skips. We don't have any skips like that in this area, (not affluent enough). Although I did hear a rag and bone man calling out on his loud tannoy for any metal and old batteries for disposal. I suppose they recycle and sell it. they were calling out "we will take it away for free". I bet you will, I thought. Metals are worth money here.

DFW said...

Excellent. So happy for handy relatives!

kymber said...

a big congrats to Rson...but then look who raised him! Dani, you know that we do our best to re-purpose and re-use everything that we can. we think it is very important, as do you! we're not entirely off the grid yet and don't own a fancy solar oven, just our pallets and screens - bahahahahha! - but we'll get there. especially if we have good friends like you leading the way! again - a big congrats to Rson!

your friend,

Harry Flashman said...

That's outstanding. It's always a positive feeling when you can repair a good piece of equipment, rather than having to discard it and buy something new. The fact that your son was able to supply the needed components makes it all the better.

1st Man said...

What a great surprise for you. He did well. And for all the rest of the days you use it, you will think of him. Pretty cool!

Dani said...

Sol - Womble LOL

I haven't actually resorted to skip diving, but am always reluctant to toss anything out. Even the old pot grid will be used as a drying shelf for next seasons squash, pumpkin, butternut, etc.

Yeah, RMan also refurbished a coffee table we had give to a fmaily member and which got damaged. Check it out here : http://ecofootprintsa.blogspot.com/2013/02/waste-not-want-not.html

Dani said...

DFW - Oh yes, handy RSon's are invaluable - even unhandy ones LOL

Dani said...

kymber - Throw away - NEVER LOL

Jambaloney is an inspiration to me too :)

Dani said...

Harry - There was absolutely nothing wrong with the cooking part of the stove - just the pot grid. So why trash the whole thing?

Yeah, RSon came through for us again :)

Dani said...

1st Man - I reckon he did brilliantly!! And yes, every time I use it I DO think of him :)

dreamer said...

Makes much more sense to try and repair things than just tossing them :) Your son did a great job on the new grill.

Dani said...

dreamer - It does, doesn't it :) Yeah, RSon is a star!! ;)

Kev Alviti said...

We used to have a stove like that in a camper van I built years ago. If we parked on a slope we used to have to "weave" teaspoons in the rack to stop pots falling on the floor as soon as they heated up!

Dani said...

Kev - Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment :)

I would've been worried that the spoons would melt LOL Oh, I hope you still have that stove? They are such useful appliances :)