"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Tuesday 21 January 2014


I am passionate about a lot of things - especially those to do with preventing further harm, and reversing the damage we, the supposed superior race, are doing to this planet.

And growing our own produce, without the aid of chemicals nor chemical fertilizers, is right there at the top of my list.
One of the two granadilla plants I planted.
There are still 8 more fruit to harvest
Last winter we purchased two granadilla (passionfruit) bushes from our local nusery. Granadilla's - Passiflora edulis - are delicious tart, yet sweet tasting fruit - and perfect when made into a thirst quenching drink.

I didn't get round to planting them until spring had already sprung, and wondered if we would get any fruit this year.  I added some alpaca poop to the soil, along with some bone meal.

That is all.

And, the result is hectic!  

Ha!  Would we get any fruit indeed!  There were approximately 22 - 24 fruit on the two newly planted granadilla plants.  They may only be 17 left but, gimme a break, like all good gardeners and cooks, I have to taste - especially as I'm wandering round my garden :)

Apparently, they do require quite a bit of water, especially when they are producing their fruit, and, last years' late winter rain was ideally timed. And they have since been watered with our captured rain water :)
The flower of the granadilla (passiflora edulis)- strange, isn't it
The granadilla flower is amazing - almost orchid like, but with a hint of venus flytrap too.  
Juicy, perfect home grown granadilla's :)
I have just started harvesting granadilla's (shhhhh - for the house) - so tonight it's granadilla's and ice cream for a rare dessert.   (RMan and I aren't normally dessert eaters, but when it's your own home grown fruit...)
25 granadilla bushes in the making.
Note the re-used styrofoam box -
it's perfect as a seed drip tray - if only
the ducks would stop eating the
But, there's more.  I was soooo impatient for a granadilla - my mouth wouldn't stop salivating at the thought, so, when I happened to spot them on sale at our local supermarket, I had to buy three. One for RMan, one for me, and one for our grandson Mike.

Mike never got round to eating his, so, on opening a dried out granadilla I had the thought - could I use the seeds to grow more...?

Could I?
This is the other half of the granadilla seeds
which germinated and which I haven't planted
up yet.
I literally just threw them into a small pot of soil - reasoning that not all of them would be viable.  It looks like most of them were.

Now, where are we going to plant all these babies...?


  1. Isn't it fun when an experiment works? You are going to be up to your elbows in fruit!! Good for you!

    1. Vicki - "Up to my elbows" - ooooh, that would be lovely :)

      Granadilla jam and cordial next year.. ?

  2. Dani - isn't it awesome to be able to go to a friend's blog and see and learn about all kinds of exotic fruit and whatnot? we could get passion fruit back in the city but here on the island??? nada. imagine being able to grow your own and being up to your elbows in them?!?!?!? congrats on sprouting those seeds! and congrats for not using chemicals to grow your food, something that i am very passionate about too!

    hey, how much do you think it would cost to ship me about 20 of those plants??? bahahahahahah!

    your friend,

    1. kymber - Thanks :)

      Yeah, I find it fascinating too - being able to hop the planet via other's blogs.

      You've given me an idea... ;)

  3. ohhhh - they look delish!

    kudos to you for starting form seed - we love fruit but i don't see those in our growing future here in the snow!!!!


  4. Those look pretty tasty. Next time I go to the store I will get myself some pomegranates. I think that's about as close as I can come to passion fruit.

    1. Harry - Pomegranates are good too, but granadilla's are very different in taste. Pomagranates are alkaline and grana's more acidic.

      Can you get tinned granadilla's?

  5. You know, we had/have those growing wild at the farm. Unfortunately I never saw them make it to ripe fruit. Not sure if the wild variety produces or what. The flowers are definitely beautiful and unusual. But since that means I know they will grow here in our neck of the woods, I wonder if I should try to find some seeds and try them?

    What do you have them growing on? Is that a fence or did you make something special for them?

    1. 1st Man - Granadilla's definitely need a suporting fene - possibly like the one you have round your veggie patch with some wire strung along for the tendrils to grab onto :)

      You will probably be able to find granadilla plants at your garden centre if you're unlucky sourcing seeds.

  6. Oh yes, when you grow your own fruit desserts just happen! I've heard that alpaca manure is a real treasure in the fertilizer department, another plus! And of course, it's always interesting to read about what grows in different parts of the world. I learn so much from our international internet.

    1. Leigh - We're learning LOL

      Oh, yes, alpaca manure is excellent - we have plans for that in the future too... ;)

  7. Dani, I fell in love with parcha, passionfruit juice, on my first research trip to Puerto Rico many years ago. I bought frozen concentrate that was produced using solar drying. Just thinking about the aroma as I opened one of those containers is making my mouth water!
    What a treasure you have there :)

    1. Quinn - Sorry to get the taste buds salivating...

      Dessert was DELICIOUS last night - all good, 'cos when RMan enjoys something then he doesn't "hinder" my expansion plans LOL


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