"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Jane of Rational Preparedness has honoured me with a "Liebster" Award

This award is given to those who have less than 300 followers.  The basics of this award are as follows:

Share 5 random facts.
Answer 5 questions which have been put to you.
Pose 5 new questions
And, finally, once the "Liebster" Award has been awarded to someone, that person has, in turn, to nominate other blogs, so with no further ado, I nominate the following blogs in no particular order:

1. Quinn of Comptonia
2. Linni of Linni at Home
3. Diana of Elephant's Eye
4. Dan of Frugal Living UK
5. My last nomination is to a blog that does not currently exist.  I nominate tantalising labrat's "HoneyBee Recyclers" blog.   Brat, I would dearly love you to share the story of how you came to recycle, and what you have discovered now that you do.  It is also a wonderful way of getting encouragement and inspiration from all the other bloggers out there.  Who knows, you may inspire someone else to take that leap of faith :)

My questions to the above bloggers are:
1. If you could change one thing in your life what would that be?
2. What do you wish for your (actual or potential) grandchildren?
3. Having read of our journey, would you, honestly, consider living off-grid?
4. If you had to leave the country in which you now reside, which country would you wish to relocate to?
5. What do you believe you bring to others' lives?

Five random facts:
1. I genuinely love helping others - however and whenever possible.
2. As I'm "aging" I'm getting frustrated with what I can no longer do...  
3. I love rising early to enjoy the quiet, crisp, fresh morning air
4. I love expanding my knowledge - for whatever good it may do me now or in the future.
5. I live for today - yesterday is the past, and tomorrow is unknown.

And finally, to answer the 5 questions Jane posed:

1. What motivated you to have an interest in preparedness?
I reckon that I am generally a positive person, who tries to look on the bright side of most situations.  I am, nonetheless, an individual who prefers to anticipate the worst, and take steps to ensure that I can handle whatever happens.  Having the WWW, and especially blogging, has been a tremendous boon as it has assisted research and preparation - to all those thoughtful people out there who have taken the time to share their preparation via their blogs - I thank you.  Reading about your steps, and noting that which applicable to me / us, has, in most cases, been a terrific help and an inspiration :)

2. Are you a cat or a dog person?
Definitely a dog person, but, due to the invasion of field mice, I have a feeling that I may have to become a cat person.

3. What do you wish I would ask you?
Do you believe that honesty - be that on a personal blog, in the business sphere or in politics / politicians - is a virtue which is in short supply in today's age and which deserves to be re-elevated to it's rightful position?

4. If you were to write a book, spurred on by your blog, what might it be called?
I would entitle it "Eco-Footprint - South Africa" as that is where I live, and I feel that encapsulates exactly what I am passionate about, what interests me,
and what I am, through my blog, trying to promote awareness of.

5. Would you say that blogging really helps to extend and to hone writing skill?
Yes - and no.  Whether I have written a letter, a card, a school essay (albeit many, many years ago LOL) I have always tried to write as though I am actually talking to someone face to face.  In essence I have a conversation in writing :)  Having been an avid reader most of my life has also helped increase my vocabulary and general knowledge.  Blogging continues that increase in general knowledge.

Jane - this has been fun.  Thank you :)


  1. Thank you. I do find blogging hones writing skills (it certainly hones techie/computer skills by leaps and bounds!) The wonderful bit is the instant feedback via comments. What the writer crafts so carefully, the reader perceives so differently.

    Forgive me but I've been caught up by a few awards - here is my response last time around.

    I join you in encouraging your Honeybee Recycler to start blogging!

    1. Diana - That's a pity, but I do completely understand.

      Yeah, agree - my computer skills have also increased since I started blogging. And you are so right about the instant feedback - as well as the perceptions which may, can and do get distorted over the web... :) But, that won't stop me from trying to get my message across.

    2. maybe pass my award on to a newer blogger? The next on your list??

    3. Diana - Dunno - reckon that could be like handing out second prize LOL And it would seem as though not one of the recipients has taken the award...

      Ah, well, was done with the best intentions :)

  2. Dani, Thank you ! Those were fabulous answers, and yes, I place a high premium on honesty in a world which doesn't seem to. I also think your questions are fabulous too. I would like to see a book so named.
    I know you did not ask me, but yes, I would want to live off grid again. We lived off grid for one year when this particular house was being built and it was challenging. Now that we have better information, and realize we would need to incorporate several different modes, solar, wind, and diesel gennie, and then store in two home sized inverters, and still watch consumption, we would be better at it, when we try again.
    Congratulations !

    1. Jane - I didn't know that :) So - am I creating a memory jolt for you whenever I discuss our power limitations? LOL

      Personally, I would hate to go back to living on the grid - not only for the expense, but also for the vulnerability.

  3. Congrats!!! I's always fun to get an award :-)

    BTW-I also enjoy quiet, early mornings :-)

  4. Dani, Yes, you are creating a memory jolt for me when you mention power limitations. I can remember when we lived off line in two RVs, as the main farm house was being built. (We had a rental quite a distance elsewhere, but we didn't want to leave our animals on the farm without us.) It was supposed to be just a month or two in RVs in good weather after our other farm had been sold. We used a generator to generate power which was stored in a marine battery array, and then powered two inverters. The house was terribly delayed, and we were there all Winter. The inverters in Winter would only last until 4 am. We used to wake up freezing ! We went from a tiny space to a large home that Spring. Oddly, according to my youngest son, the time living on top of one another in the RVs were the happiest days of his life.

    1. Jane - I can so understand your son's reaction - organised chaos breeds contentment due to the "relaxation" of imposed rules and regulations. Tidiness / order wasn't as great a prerequisite because everyone was aware that the living arrangements were temporary...

      I wonder, if you think back, would you agree that even though space was confined, "chaos" was limited when compared to spreading the family through a large(r) house, and restrictions were not as "severely" imposed e.g. the occasional snail / frog / "mouse" / snake eggs may have unknowingly (and happily, for your son, undetected) shared your space? LOL

      Reminds me of:

      "What are little boys made of?
      Slugs and snails
      And puppy-dogs' tails,
      That's what little boys are made of."

  5. Yes, the rules were flexible and we were near all of our animals. We even had a stackable washer/dryer in a closet in the bathroom there. He thought that was just a wonderful surprize. He often spoke of how great those times were, having Thanksgiving in the RV. I am glad he had such a good time, because he passed only four years later, just after Thanksgiving in 2008.


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