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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More recycling info

My attempts at recycling are really pathetic...
Milk bottles into plant containers...
Cereal packets into seed storage...
Milk containers into mini greenhouses...
... when compared to...

this work of art...
Photo source:
or these...
Photo source: http://webecoist/2011/02/28

Photo source: http://webecoist/2011/02/28
I don't know if I could ever collect enough bottles, or if I would have the patience to build a bottle house, and what could possibly end up lurking inside the (open) bottles...  But light it would be - I can't see the need for anyone to switch on a light during the day. LOL

I do so wish I had an imaginative brain, and could think up really useful ways of recycling our packaging waste.  So I use newspapers and cardboard in my compost / garden, and plastic milk bottles to propagate my plants, and recycle glass jars to store foodstuffs and RMan's nails / screws / bits and bobs.  But to figure out a way to really recycle, attractively...

Last night we watched the Plastiki on National Geographic - I almost fell out of my chair when David de Rothschild said that the US of A discards 2.1 million plastic containers / hour!

And the fact that where the currents meet, there is a thick "soup" of tiny broken bits of plastic - which is going nowhere... ever.  And that the number of fish they saw / caught, compared to the Contiki expedition, was horrifically low...  It's all telling us a story - we've got to listen.

I reckon that the Plastiki was a very good idea, but I would've covered the exposed bottles on the sides with the recycled plastic "cloth" / "board" that they made.  I reckon that would've given it a far greater stability.

But - the above is all a start - one person at a time, making a difference...


  1. I am no fan of plastic and they use it in everything here in the US. They have already proven that the plastic leaches very toxic chemicals yet they just use more plastic. I was just thinking the other day the second a baby is born they wrap it in a plastic diaper, shove a plastic pacifier in its mouth and give it plastic toys. Yet we wonder why early childhood conditions like ADD and autism are on the rise. I wish we didnt have to recycle it, I wish they would quite using so much.

  2. Jane - I too wish we had a world without plastic.

    I'd never thought of babies and plastic - my kids used cloth nappies in their early days - only changing to disposables when they started to walk. But you're right - perhaps that is a cause of ADD and autism! Never mind the chemicals in plastic baby bottles they have "just discovered" may cause cancer...

  3. I find the comment from Jane very interesting. Thanks Jane

    I also have thought of the bottle houses, and how to keep the open end clean. I even thought about recapping the bottles first, which would block light.

  4. Lou - Yes, the bottle would require cleaning first - the smell LOL Re-capping the bottles would also probably help with insulation. Just don;t know if I want to look at a whole bunch of bottle necks all the time...

  5. Dani, not all of us are creative/imaginative with mundane items but there is still a need for practical/functional recycling that people like us do and every little bit helps the planet :). Doesn't stop us from appreciating the 'arty' recyclers though!
    Have a nice day.
    Cheers, Robyn

  6. Robyn - Just wish I was a little more creative... :)


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