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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Just a bit of fun...

Take a visit to this site and see what the effects of a 2 - 60.0 mtr sea level rise would mean for you.

At 20.0 mtrs Table Mountain and most of the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town would become an island.

At the maximum of a 60.0 mtr rise the only place we'd be O.K. would be on the farm.

Makes you think, doesn't it...?!


  1. Not even the highest rise option would get close to touching us here, but a lot of my old stomping grounds would be under water. Of course that would probably mean that a lot of the people that were effected might show up down here so I guess it would probably effect us some.

  2. tffn - LOL

    A friend in need, is a friend indeed...

  3. Interesting. Our house in Strand would cope with only a 9m rise, But Gordon's Bay would get to almost 30m. Time to move back??

  4. Well, we can kiss our Texas Gulf Coast property goodbye at around 6 meters!
    Thanks for sharing Dani!

  5. Garden Girl - LOL - there is method to our madness...

  6. Jake - Welcome :-)

    Forewarned is forearmed...


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