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Friday 24 June 2011

Solar recipe book

At last I have finally worked out how to publish my solar recipe book "FREE FROM THE SUN".
Ultimate Solar Bread
After months of fruitlessly searching for an e-book publisher in this country, I have decided to publish in an e-mail-able .pdf format (now that is a business opportunity for anyone out there...).
Greek Chicken
The e-books will be sent through email as a PDF. As soon I recieve notification of your payment I will email the e-books to you. This will be within 24 hours of your purchase, unless I am on the farm, in which case I will e-mail them to you as soon as I return :-)
Solar Lasagne
For all those who are interested in details on how to purchase "FREE FROM THE SUN" please click here.

Once you have registered with PayFast you will be able to pay via your credit card or via Ukash.

Happy solar cooking... :-)

Please Note:  I have used PayFast for a couple of years for the sale of my Magic Seeders and find them to be a professional, responsible and reliable site.  However, your registering with them is at your own risk.


  1. Good for you! I will be interested but I have never heard of Payfast. I will need to do some research on them. You know how it is with giving credit card numbers these day. I love the vegetable section. I will be getting back to you. Cant wait.

  2. Jane - I have used them for a couple for years with no problem.

    The logistics of setting up an account with PayPal are, for me, a problem, as I will have to change my bank account. Unfortunately, there is only one bank in South Africa which is authorised to deal with PayPal and it's not my bank LOL

    I can only suggest that you read their Privacy Policy (http://www.payfast.co.za/c/std/privacy-policy)

    Their site is secure (http://www.payfast.co.za/c/std/3d-secure-buyer).


  3. Update : Due to the overwhelming response to my solar recipes offer I have removed the PayFast option from my Solar Oven Recipes page, and am in the process of opening another account which will enable me to offer you the solar recipes through PayPal. This should be up and running by Monday, once the banks open again and I can get the assistance I need with the hiccup I have encountered. My apologies for the delay. :-)

  4. Congratulations, sounds like a wonderful book. I'm very happy for you and hope you have lots of luck with it.:)

  5. Mr H - Thank you. From the looks of it, it is going to be very popular :-)

  6. Well done! I am so pleased that you have received such a great response. I'll be back on Monday.

  7. Garden Girl - LOL thanks

  8. The bread looks wonderful!!

  9. Frann - it tasted as good as it looked LOL


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