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Thursday 16 June 2011

Batten down the hatches...

Last night we were reminded that we are 6 days away from mid-Winter.

Tuesday was a real "berg wind" day - a warning to all who live in Cape Town  that the weather was about to change.  Batten down the hatches, Mother Nature is about to have a hiffy LOL

Wednesday started with a few clouds appearing, which gradually got thicker and blacker.

By 5.00pm all hell broke loose!  The cold front had arrived.

The skies filled with thunder and lightning and the heavens opened - not with rain, but with hail - hectic hail.
Hail collecting on our wooden deck - after only
4 minutes of the hail starting - and it lasted
for 20 minutes...
So much hail that by the time it was finished it looked like it had been snowing in Cape Town.
My broad beans - the second planting - oh my, I don't think I am going to get anything from them...
I'm sorry the photo's aren't that clear - I had to take them with my phone as my camera is on the fritz, but I think you can get the picture...

And this morning the damage is there to see...
Battered and bruised broad beans
We've had some hail before, but nothing like what fell last night.  It wasn't the size of the hail - just the amount of it.  Nobody can remember seeing hail like that - here - before...

I feel for all those people living in low lying areas and the informal settlements, and for all the homeless people - that storm could not have been a pleasant experience.  And the birds - they must be feeling battered and bruised today.  

I am very grateful for my warm, protected and sheltered home. Little things in life which mean so much, and which can so easily be taken for granted...

We didn't get to see the lunar eclipse either...


  1. Wow Dani, we had a lot of heavy rain, but nothing like that.

  2. Garden Girl - always suspected that Houties got the first (worst) of the weather LOL

  3. Looks like the whacky weather we have been having here in the States has made its way to you. I hope your beans rebound.

  4. Storms like that are worrisome. It's not only the hail, but we usually have high winds accompanying it. Always a relief when it's passed. So glad you are no worse for the wear. Who knows, your beans may recover yet.

  5. Jane - hope they recover too...

    Leigh - we had 50kms / hour North Westerly winds that went with the storm!

    I'm talking to the beans...

  6. Sorry you missed the eclipse, so did I. Glad you were safe in your home during the storm.

  7. Frann - safe and sound. Only lunar eclipse I saw was on the TV - not the same... Ah well, maybe I'll see the one in 2018?

  8. So sorry to hear about your beans, sounds like a pretty bad storm. Fava beans will sometimes grow back from the base of the plant...maye yours will slowly recover.

  9. Dani, sorry to hear about all the damage to your garden. Just glad you'll weren't hurt and hopefully your house and vehicles weren't either.

    We could sure use some of the cool, but I don't want any of that hail.

  10. Mr H - That would be wonderful - will give them lots of TLC :-)

  11. tffnguy - Nope - house is good and vehicles were in the garage / under trees :-)

    Awwww - go on - have some hail too - it'll certainly cool things down LOL

  12. eek! that looks hectic! i am up in durban where the winter is warm and dry... and we saw the eclipse in full view... heading back to the cape on tuesday for wild weather it seems...

  13. Sprig - LOL - better bring along the wellies...

  14. Oh my! I'm not far from you but my garden wasn't hit half as bad. Lots of cleaning up to do though. xx

  15. Christine - Reckon Houties is the "entrance" to the weather in CT - always seems worse here than elsewhere LOL

  16. Oh shame!!!!! That looks terrible and the broad bean damage is nasty! So I should not complain at all! But I still need to get out to the veggie garden. I have been sick in bed for 2 days, so today I'm venturing outdoors! Wish me luck!

  17. Barbie - At least I didn't have the floods you did!

    Hope you're feeling better - nasty 'flu going around... Take care.

  18. Hail can really do some damage. I am glad you are all alright and I hope your plants rebound. We had a nasty hail storm back in the 90's one day when I was at work (at an airport) My car was totaled as were many cars in the parking lot. What was amazing was all the businesses on the airfield that were in competition with each other really drew together and who ever had a tug or a truck started towing planes into any hangar where they could fit no matter who owned the hangar. That is something I will always remember. So all the airplanes got under cover, too bad there wasn't room for cars. My car ran well, just unrepairable body damage. I drove it for a few more years then my brother drove it for many more years. Emily

  19. Emilysincerely - Wow - that's hectic hail damage! And a wonderful tale of people pulling together to help another. I believe in the inherent goodness of man, and love stories like that - they give me goosies LOL


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