"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Make a difference

Forgive me - I'm going to have a soapbox moment.

I need to state first and foremost - I am not a feminist.  I believe there is a place for both genders on this planet, and some of the things which each gender does are more suitable to the make-up of that gender.

For instance, I had tennis elbow about 7 - 8 years ago, and being full of know-it-all wisdom, ignored the pain for the first two weeks - after all I was younger - and was going to live forever!  When I finally went to the doctor it was to receive a course of cortisone injections.  Bad mistake.  The injections removed the pain, but not the damage.  I should've had physiotherapy.  The result of my hot-headedness is that I have a useless right arm, with very little power to do what is needed - even opening a jar is beyond my capabilities - and that is where RMan comes to my rescue.  I don't like this feeling of uselessness - it restricts me completely.

I am unable to produce any woodwork, install an irrigation system, change a tyre (even jumping up and down on the tyre wrench doesn't shift the wheel nuts) and, because of my arm, even starting a petrol engine lawnmower is out of my league.

However, I am more than capable of growing our vegetable needs, and am working on producing our daily bread using the least power available.  I have diminished the amount of chemicals brought into this house and try and recycle / re-purpose whenever possible. 

And I am able to nurture and nourish my family and keep my home in order, using the minimum of chemicals and the maximum of eco-friendly options.  And that nuturing has, in recent years, been given an additional direction - that of doing my bit in caring for our planet.  One small step at a time.

Don't think that I am a typically helpless member of the fairer sex by any means - I will try and do anything, and, only when that fails, will I ask for assistance.

However, with the blogs I follow I have noticed a trend.

Why is it that most of the people that leave comments on blogs which deal with self-sustainability and trying to make a difference to this planet with the lifestyle we choose to live, are mainly women?

Please - don't get me wrong - there are male bloggers out there that have stunning blogs, with all sorts of brilliant ideas.  For instance: GreenpaDarren, frugal canadian hermit, John Wells, tffg, Herrick Kimball and Doc.

But the pattern continues.

Do women have the upper hand in leading the way forward for this planet?  Are we the Professors of the Present, as well as the Front runners of the Future in the field of sustainability and eco-awareness? Is it because we are constantly teaching our children / grandchildren, and it seems, in this instance, also our spouses? I understand that women have / make more time to blog, and are more interested in ways of the world, whereas the menfolk are more focused on providing the wherewith all for their families.  But, if we women don't make the effort, to educate ourselves, and therefore our families, how would we heal this planet?

Do we appreciate the responsibility of our task?

Personally, I revel in it - I thrive on making a difference, no matter how small - for all our collective baby steps can end up circumnavigating the planet if we but stay the course.

The more I discover the more I can share - in my home and on this bog - and, as Barney says, "sharing is caring" - be it caring for ourselves, our families, our neighbours, our country or our planet.  With a sharing / caring mindset, I believe, what we leave for the next generation can only benefit them.

So, more power to us women - let us willingly and happily, lead the way, direct and assist others - for all our sakes and, more importantly, for the sake of this beautiful planet we inhabit.

Does anyone care to join me on my mission? I would love to hear how you personally are fairing on your eco-friendly path.


Kimberly said...

Wow what an energetic and inspiring post!

I also notice a lot more women blogging about these matters, but I think maybe men in general don't like to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and let other people know what they are doing. I find that the men I know that think along the same lines I do like to go about quietly and not 'stand out'. Just my thoughts, I'm looking forward to hearing others thought on this too.

I'm with you Dani, lets take the reins and drag along anyone else that is willing!


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Dani, it is definately me leading the way in our house, certain things like saving food for the worm farm for example are just normal practices for us now, it was a novelty to begin with for the family. My husband is quite content to live like we used to as long as he can be left in peace with the remote in one hand. I still have to research and plan projects, he makes/builds without really understanding how it all fits into the scheme of things. Sometimes I think he just does it to keep me happy. He can taste the difference in home grown meat /veggies and is now more willing to help. We still have a long way to go!
Him Blog never!

Mr. H. said...

This was a very interesting post and so true. With my wife and I, our lifestyle is definitely a shared work experience. While we work as a team for the most part we also have those tasks that each is better at or prefers to do individually.

Anyway, I think perhaps it is in a woman's nature to worry more about the future and how it will affect her children and family whereas a man might think more about the present and what needs to be accomplished in the immediate moment. At least that is how it seems to be around our house. In this sense I think that we both do a good job of balancing each other.

"To me, nature is an obviously omnipotent force with the upper hand, and we are guests. As long as we are graceful, appreciative lodgers, the earth remains healthy and wondrous." - KT Tunstall

Dani said...


I agree, men are quiet do-ers and don't want to stand out, but sharing is caring - who knows what they could share if they took the time?

Welcome to the challenge :-)

Dani said...


LOL Remotes have their time and place. Teach him gently, he is showing you he's willing to learn and enjoy the benefits.

Dani said...

Mr H

Welcome to my blog and thank yo for your kind words.

Teamwork is the same as sharing and caring, and is sadly lacking in this world, that why we're in the mess we're in. I agree, teamwork is about balancing the load - a very positive way of doing things, and one which makes most loads bearable.

I loved you quote too, and would like to share another with you:

"You give of little when you give of your posessions,
It is when you give of yourself, that you truly give."
Kahil Gibran

Seems even he advocated sharing is caring LOL

African Bliss said...

I must be the woman then....lol. Dino

Darren (Green Change) said...

I was just about to post "hey - I'm male!" when I saw you linked to me in the next breath :-). Thanks!

I also discovered a few more similarly-themed blogs to follow, so double-thanks!

I don't know why there are more female bloggers in this niche. It'd be interesting to see some uni student or humanities researcher do a study and come up with a list of reasons.

Dani said...

Dino - you're a special one of a few :-)

Darren - You're welcome. One of the habits I have is to browse recommened sites on any blog I visit - have found a treasure trove of lovely sites I follow that way :-)

Leigh said...

Hi. I discovered this morning that you are the newest follower to my blog, so I wanted to return the visit and say hello. I've read through several of your posts (seems comments are disabled on your "Our Journey..." post ?), and have to say we are very like-minded in many, many things. You have a lovely and inspiring blog.

Dani said...

Leigh - welcome and thank you for telling me that comments is disabled. I haven't disabled it so am not sure what is going on?

I loved your Bargain Finds - makes me want to visit my local thrift shop too... all those implements that don't need power - gorgeous!