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Saturday, 13 June 2015


How stunning is this...

Source: cnn.com

When destructive man is no more,  Mother Earth will revert...


  1. Those photos are incredible! The earth will take back what is hers. I have seen something similar, but not nearly to that extent, in one or two of the less inhabited areas in Minnesota, where vines have covered old abandoned log cabins or small farm outbuildings. It is beautiful, but kind of eerie, too.

    1. Vicki - The earth will certainly reclaim what is rightfully hers. We are merely passing through. What a pity were making such a mess of it, and leaving so much "litter" behind.

  2. Wow! How sad this little village looks. I wonder why the people left. It's too bad someone doesn't restore it. It does have its own quiet beauty now, but still sad to me that life and laughter have vacated this village.

    1. Lorraine - It does look sad. And yet incredibly beautiful.

      I agree, the echo's of laughter long forgotten must still haunt the streets. I too, wonder why is was deserted?

  3. Dani - we have many homes and cottages here in our little part of the island that have been reclaimed by Mother Nature. they are quite beautiful but i feel sad when i see them because i know that once there were families living there and i wonder where they are now.

    an interesting story for you - when we first moved here we took a boat trip across the river, almost directly across from our land. we could see a red house in amongst the trees and thought the place abandoned but weren't sure. every time we were out in the boat we wanted so badly to go and look at the house/cottage. then about a year later, a man contacted me through email who had found our blog and recognized the pics that i took of the river. he introduced himself and told me that he grew up there!!! can you believe that? he also asked us to go over and take pics for him - he gave us permission to go in the house as his family still owned it. so we went over and took pics for him and he loved them! he now lives in new york but really wants to bring his children up for a visit. and we now have new friends!

    anyway - i am really looking forward to tomorrow's pic. make sure to keep it up until i get a chance to see it! i'll leave a comment as soon as i see it k?

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. kymber - What a lovely story. Hopefully your new friend gets there before his house is overgrown...

      Maybe one day all those abandoned, overgrown homes around you will one day hold families - who will "re-use" them and make wonderful memories there.

    2. Dani - it broke our hearts to see our friend's house - windows had long been smashed by the wind and the inside of the house had been exposed to the elements for years. it was an incredibly beautiful house and had many built-in pieces. i truly hope that he gets to come with his children and visit. one thing i was very happy to see was that there was absolutely no evidence of licquor bottles or damage that may have been done by teens or anyone vandalizing - they are pretty respectful of property up here.

      our friend left a comment on our post about kev's dare and left his pic - he's fishing with his son on his back - it's an awesome pic - have a look:


      and Dani - i know you will love this! we have gone on adventures to some of those abandoned houses and in every single one of them, new families are being raised and making memories - squirrel families, bird families, ermine families, insect families - those buildings ARE still being used and that helps with the sadness i feel for the human families.

      sending much love! can't wait for the pic!

    3. kymber - He looks like a lovely man - down to earth, involving his son in his leisure activities - just the type of person you need in your neck of the woods :)

      I love the thought of God's creatures making their own home in those abandoned buildings :)

  4. "Nature finds a way" doesn't it?

    There was a fascinating series here on US TV (Discovery channel I believe) called "Life After People" and each week it took a different city and showed what would happen as it aged if people just disappeared. How the plants took over, how long it would take for buildings and iconic monuments to degrade without upkeep. They would have 5 years after people, 25 years, 50, 100, then like hundreds, or a thousand years later. Fascinating.

    There is a haunting beauty about this. Very nice, thanks for sharing!!

    1. 1st Man - It does indeed :)

      Yes, we watched that series here too. It was fascinating to see how Mother Nature took back what was hers - similar to the Inca temples in South America which were covered with under (or should that be over) growth lol


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