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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pumpkin progress - here and there...

On our last visit to the farm I was fascinated to see my pumpkins which are growing in a pot (situated below a pin prick in the irrigation pipe) were doing so well.

I couldn't wait to compare the photo to my pumpkins growing at home.  Both the ones at home and the ones on the farm were planted at the same time (well within a couple of days of each other).

This is my pumpkin (in a pot) at home...
...and this is my pumpkin in a pot on the farm...
Can you see the pumpkin plants amongst the
weeds outside the pots?
There is no comparison, is there...!  And the pots on the farm contain two plants each, whereas the larger pot at home contains only one plant.

Why the difference?  I have no idea.  Perhaps it's the sunny position, smog free air and me not fussing with them LOL  They are certainly growing far better than my town pumpkins.  

CGuy took some more builders to his plot last weekend to continue with the progress on his house.  He had a look at my new shade cloth veggie patch and says I have a lot of seedlings already surging up to greet the world above ground.  That's amazing.  Five days!  And I'm very chuffed that my porous pipe is working so well!

All in all, I am very encouraged!

If this is the norm then I can see I'm going to be very busy on the farm. Can't wait!


  1. Just a guess but maybe the wood chips you're using in the container is making the soil in that pot a bit too acid? I know pumpkins like it around 6-6.5 but conifer wood chips can bring the soil down much further than that.

  2. Tanya - That's not a bad suggestion. Although the bark chips have been in the pot for over a year...? And yes, I have added nitrogen for I know that bark / wood chips seriously drain nitrogen from the soil. :)

  3. Are they both from the same seed? That is a big difference. I agree with Tanya, I do not think the home pumpkins are happy with what ever is going on in the pot. Maybe this will be the year you finally get pumpkins.

  4. Good luck! Pumpkins seem to be my nemesis... but I keep trying!

  5. Did you use the same potting soil? What about hours of direct sunlight? Is their a big difference? At least you have the possibility of succession pumpkin harvests this year!

  6. Jane - Same seed... Yup, agree the pot is the cause. Ah well, I'll leave it in there and see what happens. Maybe...

    Frogdancer - Mine too LOL

    Jody - They get the same hours of sunlight, and got the same compost. Hope you're right about succession pumpkins :)


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