"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Continuing the introduction of new friends to old friends, please won't you join me in welcoming John from somewhere in the United States.
As John is a chef, his blog is about cooking  - and other stuff such as how to make flour from acorns and information on a link on how to make a zee pot :)  (and a warning to Jane especially.  There is a graphic photo of a deer - please look away)

John, I reply to all comments (even those placed on old postings), but given the size of this planet, and the different time zones, it may not be today by your time, but will certainly be by tomorrow.  And, if I am on the farm it may take a little longer...LOL