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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Water...Water - not as simple as it seems

Water - not just H2O
I guarantee if you watch this you will never think of water in quite the same way again.  I know it has changed my view...

I am now grateful to water for more than the obvious reason.

And I am amazed by water.

And I am humbled that what I thought was a simple life giving / sustaining substance is incredibly so much more than I gave it credit for...

And, finally, this information on water has given me a reason to start each and every day on a positive note!  The proof is there to be seen.  The law of attraction could not be more ably demonstrated!

Thanks, Brat, for the link :)

Be warned: the link above has six parts of 15 minutes each - but I reckon they are all well worth watching...


  1. thanks for the vid which i havent watched yet.....just wanted to say that water is the BIGGEST treasure of all and something im a little fanatical about myself lol While people talk about being green/off grid etc etc its amazing how many are so nonchalant about water the very essence of life itself!!!!

    againm thanks

  2. In the modern world we have really come to assume that clean water will always be there. One of my biggest pet peeves is flushing the toilet with CLEAN water. And now they are trying to privatize large bodies of underground water so that corporations truly will own us all. So, so disturbing.

  3. wickets - You only have to be on the farm in 35 - 40oC heat for 36 - 48 hours when the water (mains) pipe is broken, to discover just how precious water is...

    Jane - Yes, we are a presumptious bunch aren't we?!

    Hectic that they want to privatize your underground water. Next I suppose they'll be thinking of charging you for the air that you breathe...?

  4. Pretty cool vid. I know some people use water and expose it to silver by hydrolysis to make it antibiotic and it can be drank and supposedly cure some illnesses. Maybe that really works?

  5. Yip tffnguy, its called colloidal silver and it really does work we have used it on our family for years.
    Dani I haven't seen the vid but have read some interesting stuff on how water molecules can be changed by thought (intention ), so if you think that our bodies consist of a large percentage of water then one has to be careful about what words we say to our kids or even the way we think about ourselves. If you want to read more on the subject, try get a book written by Dr.Maseru Emoto

  6. tffn - I've heard of that, but haven't seen or tried it :)

    African Bliss - Yup - that's is one of the things covered in the video's.

    Do you make your own colloidal silver or buy it? I know of Dr Emoto - he's brilliant. Thanks - I look out for his book :)

  7. We used to buy a colloidal silver solution from the Health Food shop in Hout Bay. The one with Wheeler's pharmacy?

  8. Yes we can make our own, as we do have little colloidal silver generator, but since living on the plaas, from being a family that spent a fortune on loads of vitamins, minerals etc, we now take nothing except our B-complex and vit C and we stay healthy with good food and fresh air!


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