Monday, 27 June 2011

Solar recipe book - take 2...

Okey dokey - have signed up with a new bank, got all the gumpf from PayPal, sorted out all the hiccups, so here we go...

Solar baked biscuits
You can now purchase the solar recipes through PayPal LOL
Solar baked beans
Happy days...
Solar baked fruit cake
To purchase please go here.


  1. Dani, hope you come out good on this. I'll have to build a solar oven before I could use the book though. May get the book anyway when I have some spare $.

  2. tffn - With the heat / sun you're having there a solar oven would sure sort out all your cooking (heat) problems LOL

  3. I have been having terrible internet issues, but I was finally able to place my order. I cant wait. I really need some inspiration my solar cooking. Thanks so much!

  4. Jane - All the recipes you ordered are already wingin their way across the airwaves to you. Thank you :-)


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