Monday, 15 December 2014

"Oh me, oh my...

... do I have a pot big enough to cook this monster in?" was the question that popped into my head when I saw this.
RMan's size 9 shoe for size comparison
This "beetroot" was grown in a bed in my shadecloth veggie patch - in soil that had had a healthy dose of alpaca poo added 2 months ago.  And nothing but alpaca poo.
Trimmed of it's leaves, my hand is in the lower
left hand corner
It was "hiding" behind some red veined swiss chard leaves.  In fact, I started harvesting some leaves of what I thought was swiss chard to make my creamed spinach recipe when I happened to glance down and saw the beetroot "globe" peeking out of the soil beneath the leaves.
The giant beetroot inside a 10lt pot
There is no sign of the beetroot bolting, so once it is cooked the flesh inside should be good and tender.  And plentiful.

Ha!!  Two for the price of one :)  We enjoyed creamed spinach (a.k.a. swiss chard / beetroot) with our dinner on Friay night, and today (Saturday) I am cooking the beetroot.

Update prior to posting:
Tender all the way through - eventually :)
It took a full hour to cook that baby but I started early enough and RMan and I enjoyed a helping with our dinner that night.
2.5 kgs of beetroot relish - enough for us
and to give as a gift
I still have plain beetroot slices in the fridge, and, yesterday, I made 2.5 kgs of beetroot relish.  RMan will enjoy that with his braai-ed boerewors (barbecue sausage) and ostrich sausage, and, we'll enjoy it with a roast chicken dinner too.  Not to mention putting a dollop on top of a cheese filled cracker...


Friday, 12 December 2014

Minky's tail

Please - pop over to my other blog to read more about Minky's tail...

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Advent days

I was horrified last night to hear on Sky News that certain church ministers in England are sending out Christmas cards with no reference to the actual "reason of the season". À la a non-descriptive "Festive Greetings" or some such.  This is supposedly to avoid "offending" people of other religious inclinations.  Whaaaat?  Ermmm, am I missing something?  The very word and celebration of Christmas is derived from the birth and name of Christ.  If they are not Christians, why should they be offended?

To me this is another indication how crazy this world is becoming.  Those ministers should be relieved of their duties...

But, on to the subject of this posting.

I made a very simple Advents Kranz this year.
Our simple Advents Kranz this year
I have a set of four brass candlesticks - collected over the years - as well as a pair from my late mother-in-law.  But I felt like a change.  So, the candle sticks I'm using in the kranz this year are recycled spice bottles which have been filled with white coloured sand and the top lid screw section I covered with a strip of pewter.  The bed of golden tipped greenery comes from a Leyland Cypress - we have three growing in our garden.
Repurposing empty spice bottles into candle
sticks worked - I lov
e the simplicity of the
arrangement this year
I have loads of empty glass jars which I refuse to add to landfill / send for recycling.  Why, when I can used them to preserve this year's harvest, or put them to another use around the house.
Reindeer à la South Africa :)

Reindeer are not available in this country - the best we can do is springbok. The pic above is of a baby springbok on a neighbours smallholding and which was born a couple of weeks ago.