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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Rose hip oil

I recently read an article on rosehip oil...


...and, being midwinter / July, it is almost time to prune my grey water irrigated roses.

Rose hip in the top left corner of this pic was just
waiting for me to pick it.  I didn't disappoint ;)
But, not before I collect as many rosehips as I can.
Excess waste matter removed
 After removing the remains of the stamens and petals, the rosehips were rinsed/
 Cutting them open...
A halved rose hip showing the remain of the stamens, and the rose

Halved rose hips in the sun for a bit of extra Vit D before they
 were warmed in oil
 ...I placed them in the sun for the day - to absorbed as much additional vitamin D as they could.
Almond oil
 I added (non-eco-friendly) almond carrier oil to a  stainless steel bowl...

The oil didn't look like much, but, thankfully, turned out to be enough
 added the halved sun-kissed rose hips, and, because I didn't have a slow cooker, I placed them over a pot of boiling water (double boiler)
Halved rose hips as they were being heated
 Thankfully, we had the Rosie going that day, so I left them to slow cook on the edge of the stove.

12 hours of warming through the rose hips are all soft
Then, I made a mistake.  In an attempt to "squeeze out" as much rose hip goodness as possible, I tried to be clever...
"Mushed" rose hips - I will avoid this step next time.  I think the
 oil would've been easier to drain if the rose hips had not been
 quite so "mushed".
 ......and I blitzed the lot.  Not a very appealing mush presented itself to me at the end of that step.
Rose hip infused almond oil being
 strained out through a bit of muslin
 cloth suspended above a jug
I placed that mush in a muslin cloth and suspended it over a jug to drip.
Mushing up the rose hips in the oil cost me about 80ml of oil :(
 The next morning I was rewarded with just over 230mls of rose hip infused almond oil.
Strained rose hip oil with vitamin E and a few drops of essential oil
 added.  It is recommended that the infused oil is stored in dark bottles.
It is recommended that Vitamin E is added to the rose hip infused oil (as a preservative and as additional skin nutrition), as well as a few drops perfumed essential oil.  I only had lavender and lemon grass - so, after dividing the rose hip infused oil between two dark bottles (recommended container for storing this oil), one bottle received 3 - 4 drops of the lavender and the other bottle the lemon grass essential oil.

The almond oil is very readily absorbed by my skin which pleases me no end, as now I don't have to purchase a commercial moisturiser anymore :D 

The guilt I felt regarding the almond oil (growing almonds is very water demanding) is, in my head, counter balanced by the lack of chemicals and reduced shipping footprint of all the ingredients in commercial moisturisers.

Info on "Whole Rose Hip Oil"

Rose Hip oil is obtained by low temperature extraction of the whole rose hip in a carrier oil. Whole rose hip oil is different form rose hip seed oil, which is obtained by liquid extraction of rose hip seeds. Whole Rose hip oil is believed to possess skin rejuvenating, revitalising and general health beneficial properties and have been used in cosmetic and herbal medicines for centuries. The oil is all natural, free of synthetic or artificial additives.


Tewshooz said...

Most rose hip oil is made from wild roses. Rose hips are high in Vitamin C and you can simmer the hips for awhile to get concentration. Chew rose hips for vitamin C, too. I use rose hip oil mixed with liquid lanolin. Works wonders for wrinkles.

possumqueensa said...

I deadhead my roses once a week to keep the flowers coming. Wonder if I can take the rosehips and put them in the freezer until I've got enough to do this?

Dani said...

Tewshooz - My roses are organically grown and never feel a whisper of chemical spray ;)

Unfortunately, the incidence of wild roses in this country is remote, so home grown will have to do.

Lanolin - I like that. Can definitely get some locally produced lanolin to add to the oil :D

Dani said...

pqsa - I also tend to dead head my roses when I see heads that need removing. But I have left them on the bushes since April and was thus rewarded with a bountiful crop - from three rose bushes ;) I have to say though that my rose bushes are prolific flower-ers ;)

possumqueensa said...

Maybe I need to stop the compulsive deadheading for a while. I also want to prune it, cos it's shooting out in all directions. It's just the flowers are so so lovely.

Dani said...

My late MiL was a rose grower and she taught me that the pruning of rose buses takes place in July. The time is nigh... ;)

Sol said...

hey Dani, thank you so much for the comment on my blog, it meant a lot to me that so many people have reached out.

I never knew you could do this with rosehips I thought you could only make syrup with them.

Dani said...

Sol - I know what you have been through and just wanted to let you know that you were not alone.

The rose hip oil is brilliant - my skin is loving it ;)

kymber said...

Dani - my roses are just out so i will be making a ton of sharab ward (lebanese rose water). but now that i have your recipe for rose hip oil - i'll be making that with the hips - i can't wait to try it! thank you!

sending much love, as always! your friend,

Dani said...

kymber - You're welcome, my friend. Perhpas you should do a post on sharab ward...? ;)