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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Update on Snoops

Snoopy has been with us just over a month, and is settling in nicely.

I think I know why Snoopy - or Squeak as she has been renamed - is so skittish.

A few weeks ago whilst sitting on my TV chair on evening, she came, as usual, to join me / take command of my lap.  She started "kneading" my soft gown, and I noticed that she was biting my gown at the same time.  It reminded me of a cat we had years ago who had kittens - what she was doing was "kneading to make the milk flow" and the biting action was reminiscent of her sucking on her mum's nipple.
Snoop - Squeak kneading and biting my gown
So I think that Snoop / Squeak was :

1)  A wild kitten who was taken from her mother through a accident (to the mum) and a human found her and took her in;
2)  Was just plain sold (by an "informal settlement" individual) in order to make some dosh.  That is a terrible situation - where those "individuals" over breed their pets in order to sell their offspring - they stand in the middle of the road and hold animals up by the scruff of their necks.  When you pass by they threaten to drop the animal under the wheels of the car unless you buy them.  She must've been still too young to leave her mother...
She has become brave enough to venture outside
 and catch some rays - keeping a watchful eye out
for the rooster - whom she isn't crazy about.
 Invariably though she positions herself so that
 she can watch the wild birds at the bird feeder /
 nectar bottles.
Snoopy - now Squeak - is so named because she doesn't "meow" she only gives a plaintive immature kitten-ish squeak.

If she hears a vehicle arriving she bolts to hide behind the records in the cupboard - absolutely terrified.  And will remain hidden for a good few hours.

No wonder she was freaked out when she arrived here - hiding under the bed for 2 days.  The 3 hour car trip here must've been sheer hell for her.
Squeaks new bed
I do not believe that it is healthy for a cat should sleep on a human's bed, and so she was locked out of our bedroom at night.

She proceeded to scratch at out door, and "squeak" until we let her in.  

Hmm - why would she do that?  There has to be a reason...

Giving it some thought I said to RMan that I think she is cold.

So the next time we went to town, we purchased her a cat bed - with high sides to protect her from the draught from the window which we leave open for her.
The catnip I rubbed all over the inside
 certainly seems to have helped make
 her feel right at home
Rubbing some catnip on the inside of the bed soon had her exploring it, and that first night she settled herself into the bed whilst we watched TV.

She knows exactly when we are going to go to bed, and puts herself into her snug place whilst we are tidying up before heading to our bedroom.

Clever kitty :)


  1. Dani - i have cats that were properly weaned from their mother who never did the "kneading" thing. i have also had cats that were weaned too soon, dropped off, etc. and they have all done the "kneading" thing. i am super glad that she has her own little bed.

    do you grow catnip? i do and i give a leaf to each of our 4 cats every day. it's a hardy plant and continues to grow here in the greenhouse right up to november. so from about april to november they get fresh nip, and then i dry a bunch to get them through the winter. if you want some catnip seeds, i can send you some. one thing though is you have to grow it in a place where Snoop/Squeak can't get it or she'll tear the whole plant apart. ask me how i know - bahahahah!

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. kymber - Thank you for the seed offer. I have catnip growing in my garden - Squeak almost braves meeting the rooster in her attempt to get to the plants... :D

  2. Aragon is curled up in 'her' chair, in her bed.
    Good to see your rescue cat enjoying her friendly furever home.

    1. Diana - Sounds like we have a pair of felines who ensure their comfort :)

  3. You're right, cats taken away from their mothers too soon bite and suck any kind of soft material, especially wool, so watch out for your jerseys. I'd like to say they grow out of the skittishness, but my 9 year old ginger who was raised normally in a family of cat besotted German girls, still hides whenever anyone else comes into my house. He doesn't sleep on the bed, but inside, under the covers. Not exactly healthy, but a lovely hot water blobble in winter.

    1. pqsa - Bwahaha - a hot water bobble - love it!

  4. love the cat bed. He looks settled.

    1. Sol - Oh yes, Squeak is very settled :)

  5. It's absolutely awful what some people do, isn't it?
    I'm so glad you got that cat. Looks like Squeak got a very fine life indeed.
    Have a great week, Dani

    1. Sue - Cruelty to innocent, defenceless animals should be punishable with life term prison sentences!!

      Enjoy your week too :)

  6. What vile people there are in the world who would threaten an animal, but there are good people too and I'm glad you're teaching Squeak to feel safe.

    1. Kirsty - Greed - at anything / anyone's expense - is the motivator. Relying on genuine people's horrified reactions and soft hearted is what gives these individuals their filthy income :[

  7. If somebody tried to pull that here, they'd get beaten up by the people they were trying to scam. Or, failing that, they'd get arrested and wind up cutting weeds by the road for the county as guests of the county jail. We can always use more bodies for the "chain gang."

    1. Harry - The authorities are trying to put a stop to this kind of action, but you know how it is with the unemployed - they will always try and find a way to carry on :(

      I agree - prisoners should be made to be useful when they are serving their time - not just sitting round at the taxpayers expense. Our jails here are so full, selling puppies and kittens would, unfortunately rate as a "petty" crime and all they'd get is a slap on the wrist.


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