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Saturday, 16 July 2016

It's too soon...

... for this to be happening.

I checked back on my blog, and the earliest we have had spring blossoms on our plum trees was the middle of August.
Whaaat?  Spring blossom on the plum tree already?
 That's nuts!!
The first blossoms started appearing in the first week of July, and today the show is even more impressive.
As early as they are, they are gorgeous, aren't
 they :)
But, it hasn't been cold enough, and even our apple trees still have last seasons leaves on them?!
Our young apple trees still have their leaves?!
And, for goodness sake, even my roses are still flowering.
The rose bush by our front entrance steps
 is still in flower - how can I prune it?
I am supposed to prune them this month!!
Stunning - even if it's a tardy bloom
But then I read this:
(more details can be found here:
...and I wonder why I am surprised.

I realized this morning that have not used any of my warm jackets once this winter yet!  Jersey's yes, but jackets?  Nope, they're still in my cupboard.

I wonder what this bodes for the upcoming summer?  That (massive) shade cloth structure over our fruit trees may become a serious necessity...

Update on Snoopy - she is settling in really well.  She is eating well and happily venturing outside to find out what is going on...
So close but yet so far -
Snoopy watching the birds at the
bird feeder - more on that next time...
... especially at night.  We can hear her easing herself (noisily) out of the lounge window as we fall asleep ;) 


Kirsty Udall said...

I cannot get my head round that it's spring for you, it just seems fundamentally wrong, especially with roses in bloom.

Dawn McHugh said...

we are still waiting for summer I hear its arriving on Tuesday, it has been more like spring, I dont know if all these changes in seasons are good, nature is very good at adapting but how it will effect us only time will tell.

kymber said...

Dani - we don't get our proper summer until august...that's when we have our "river days". but so far this july we have had several "river days"...it is disconcerting to say the least. if it only happened once or twice i would just think it a a coincidence. but global warming/climate change - whatever you want to call it - it's happening! when it's happening this far north - then you know it's really happening.

i am sooo glad that little Snoop is fitting in. thank you agian for taking her in.

sending sooo much love, as always. your friend,

possumqueensa said...

Now you're blowing my mind, Dani. My apple tree looks same as yours, but the plum trees are skeletal. My rose tree had creeping black spot, so I bit the bullet and pruned it right down, blooms 'n all.
Suggested caption for Snoopy pic : "Ginger mog realises she's landed with her bum in the butter"

Dani said...

Kirsty - My apologies for the tardy reply - once again we were disconnected for 2 days due to vandalism :(

It is fundamentally wrong - very, very wrong. It is far too early...

Dani said...

Dawn - "Adapt or die" as the saying goes. We are of the more fortunate ones as we are aware of what is going on and can take steps to mitigate as far as possible. All those who are, as such, unprepared...?!?

Dani said...

kymber - It is certainly happening, and anyone who refutes that has their heads stuck in the sand!

How is Alaska going to handle a heatwave this week...?

Dani said...

pqsa - Apple trees should have shed all their leaves and should be resting in the cold weather ahead of next summers growth / harvest. I just hope that the buds don't die off with frost before they have had time to set fruit? :[ Otherwise, there will be no plum jam or sauce this year.

Oh, you've got that right - Snoops certainly has her posterior firmly embedded in the butter ;)

Harry Flashman said...

We have all kinds of weird diseases up here in North Georgia we never had until the last ten years or so. Dengue fever, equine encephalitis, and some nasty diseases introduced by our large population of illegal aliens from Central and South America. Most of the mosquito borne diseases are said to be here because our climate has gotten warmer and moister.

Dani said...

Harry - Those effects / diseases and changes in insect populations will also become more and more apparent as climates and weather patterns change. God forbid that the Zika virus takes hold where you are :(

Sue said...

Dani, I've noticed so much "weirdness" in the weather lately, it's downright scary.

So glad Snoopy is fitting in well there. I knew with good folks like you that would happen.
Have a great week

Dani said...

Sue - Very scary. I do hope that everyone is taking notice?

Yeah - Snoops is rapidly taking over our household ;)

Sol said...

Hey Dani, our spring was really awful and then we had really heavy rain, we have hardly any damsons on the tree. Last year I was giving carrier bags full away. This year I think we may get one jug full. that will be it.

Snoopy looks settled. Lets hope she is a good mouse r.

Dani said...

Sol - We had a few plums on our tree last year, but the birds ate them. If I have any fruit, I will be using the foil containers to scare them off - they work a treat.

S'funny, we don't get damson tress here...?!

Yeah - hopefully she's a good "mouser", but also, hopefully, she doesn't bring any inside to show us and let them go - like one of our previous cats did... ;)

Jayne Hill said...

Strange weather everywhere. Even though the summer holidays are about to start here I have trees which are already shedding some leaves.

Snoppy is a pretty girl, hope she settles down soon.

Dani said...

Jayne - Shedding leaves already? That's madness!

Snoops is rapidly taking over the whole house - and us lol

Jayne Hill said...

Mrs Snoops sounds like she is going to be something of a character!

Sharon van den Berg said...

Hi all. Dani,I am readi g your comment regading the warmer winter.We are on the east coast in Richards bay and we have had one of the coldest winters I have experienced here. I noticed because I have "inland" clothing I only wear when I visit my sister that I have been wearing all winter

Dani said...

Sharon - Another example of an unusual South African winter then :)