"Self-sufficiency does not mean 'going back' to the acceptance of a lower standard of living. On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food that is organically grown and good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings... and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully." John Seymour ~ Self Sufficiency 2003

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Winter joy

"To everything, turn, turn turn,
There is a season, turn, turn, turn..."
Early morning mists which settle into the stream
 / river valleys
You have to have contrast.  I am not a member of the "I hate winter" club.  Rather, I relish the cooler weather.  I am more mentally alert, more physically active, and more inspired in the kitchen.

Here are some of my favourite things that I love most about winter...
... and sunsets
Brooding, inspiring, breath-taking sunrises and sunsets.

A wood burning fire - which not only heats our entire home, but also gives me access to an oven in which I can bake...
My darling Rosie
...roasted homegrown vegetables, homemade pies and samosas, bread, lasagnas and pizza.
4 ingredient mealie bread - the smell fills the air,
 and the taste is heavenly :)
(recipe here)
Homemade chicken or creamed spinach samosas
 in phyllo pastry (recipe here)
Lasagne, pies, samosas and pizza can't be cooked on top of our two plate gas stove, nor will the latter three be successful in my solar oven, so we go without / my menu options don't include those during the summer months. 
Rain - glorious rain.
I remember it well, and wait in anticipation
of it falling again...
Rain - filling our rain water tanks and earthen dam, refreshing the garden and cause the land around us to go green - as opposed to the dried out, brown appearance during summer :)
Long and short gumboots - for
use when it pelting down with rain which
forms muddy puddles everywhere, or
 when  there is just damp grass
Gumboots (long and short) to keep my feet dry, chunky jerseys and a down jacket against the cold outside air, and a warm bed to sleep in.  I am aware of all those who aren't as fortunate, and know that I'll never take those luxuries for granted.
Two and a half dehydrated pumpkins fit into
2 X 1 lt jars
Eating summer out-of-season home grown produce - which has either been canned or has been dehydrated in my new Foothills DryAway ;)

Homemade jams and beetroot...
  ...and tomato puree / concentrate
Dehydrated herbs and vegetables (which at this stage only
 include pumpkins and piquanté peppers)
Lying in bed in the morning, cup of rooibos tea (for me) or coffee (for RMan) in hand, looking at the snow capped mountains in the distance.
Snow capped mountains in the distance
  Aaaah!  What's not to love about winter...?  :D


possumqueensa said...

After that incredible hot summer, this chill is wonderful, but we've had very little rain down our way. It's coming ... like Christmas.

Dani said...

pqsa - The chill is delicious, isn't it :)

Our rainfall figures are down o last year, and the previous one. The grazing for the alpaca's isn't good, so lots of supplemental feeding happening... Yeah, waiting for both - rain - and Christmas lol

Shirley McLaurin said...

Loved reading this. We lived in Durban for 7 years before returning to the UK and although weather different, dry winters, wet summers lots of echoes of memories evoked. Magnificent sunrises and sunsets, South Africa always does those well. Thank you

Sue said...

I so agree. It is my second favorite season, just after Autumn.
I find it funny that , though I LOVE gardening, summer is my least favorite season.
Enjoy all the beauty (and let's not forget relaxation and other joys of winter!)

Dani said...

Shirley - SA certainly has the wide open skies lol (unless you're living in Joey's...!)

I miss the UK though - my birth roots vainlessly calling. My fear of flying (never mind finances) will prevent my ever walking those green lands again. And, I am aware of how the UK has changed since I was last there in 1972...

Dani said...

Sue - My feelings exactly :)

Diana Studer said...

Waiting for the snowcaps too.

(You don't need to publish this comment)

Spread the washing pergola idea, it's a good one.

And I was inspired by Cindy when she lived at the American Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda

Dani said...

Diana - Thanks :) I saved an image from your first pergola post :)

Yeah - will we, wont we, get snow caps this year...?

Harry Flashman said...

I've always liked your sunrise and sunset pictures. I like the way you can see so far at your place.

You and your husband have a good set up there, and you've largely put it together through your own efforts. I am sure you can walk around the place on a quiet evening and feel a lot of satisfaction in what you have. I think that's one of the biggest positive factors of trying to live a self sufficient lifestyle.

1st Man said...

We call that "life is good". It only has to be your definition of good and what makes you happy 'cause that's all that matters. So happy for you, I bet Rosie is heating things up nicely!

Dani said...

Harry - Where we lived in our town house we were in a valley. Here we can finally see sunrises and sunsets, and I just can't get enough of them :)

What we have - I am grateful for every little thing. I remember when life wasn't so easy and fulfilling - so I know I will never take this for granted.

Dani said...

1st Man - Life is good :) And that it's good in winter is even better lol

And yes, the Rosie is performing as required - as always :D

Anonymous said...

I haven't stopped by in a while. Thought I would say hello and tell you how much I enjoy following what you all are up to! Love the pictures.My best to you and your family...

Dani said...

Mohave Rat - Thanks - and the best to you and yours too