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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Missing followers?

Has anyone else noticed that their "followers" numbers have decreased?

Want to know why?

Check it out here.

I follow Chuck Croll's (nitecruz) Real Blogger Status - he is one of the top contributors / responders on the Blogger forum and his blog is extremely helpful.


  1. The whole mishmash of "following" is a dark mystery to me, to be honest. Anytime I have to sign up for something new - google plus? google friends? google circles? google google? discus? wordpress? - I hesitate. Especially when it "conveniently" links my various activities (twitter, blogger, etc.)
    I actually follow (in the real sense) over a hundred blogs, by adding them to my Feedly reader. I don't think I even show up as a "follower" on those blogs, though I read every single post and often leave a comment. Personally, a commenter means more to me than a follower. I have loads of followers who never leave a comment, and while I'm glad that they enjoy my blog, it's a bit of a loss that I never get to know them at all. I really enjoy my bloggy chats!

  2. Thanks for the link. I lost 9 followers in the past couple of days and was wondering what the heck happened.


  3. there are several people i follow who have posted about losing followers...i checked our list (something i rarely do) and we lost between 4 or 5 it seems. but thanks for the great link Dani - i will keep my eye on chuck's blog from now on.

    sending much love! your friend,

  4. I had wondered why my numbers dropped in a matter of hours. Thanks for letting us know

  5. We've lost about 18 as I can tell. Thanks for the link, I had read some others talking about it as well. Always something up with blogger. Grrrr....

  6. I never really understood the follower thing anyway. If I like a blog and visit it often I click the follower button, but what actual effect that has I have no idea.

  7. I first noticed a drop in followers about the time he mentions. I went to the Blogger Help Forum but at the time it was the weekend and so no answers were forthcoming from Google, only alarmed questions and complaints. Glad to hear the official reason from someone in the know. Doesn't sound like we'll get all our followers back if they don't have google accounts (which nowadays means google plus accounts).


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