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Saturday, 6 September 2014


Oh, my...

Even the best laid plans can be thwarted.

Back on the 8th of July I introduced you to the latest additions to our farm animals.  In this case, it was Dilly and Dolly.
So cute - Dilly & Dolly
I was so excited - finally the possibility of having tiny new born ducklings was within a few months grasp.

I have tended them well - catered for their every need, protected them from the bullying drakes, and ensured that twice a day they have fresh water and food. Never mind cleaning out their filthy bath (ducks are not the cleanest of creatures).

What is the thanks that I get? 
There are defintely curly tail feathers on all four
They're all bloody drakes!!!!  Dilly & Dolly are, in fact, Donald & Daniel.

I ain't gonna get no ducklings from this lot.
From another angle - there are still curly tails on
them all
If, and when, I find some more Pekin ducklings for sale again soon, how can I introduce any baby hens - given that there should be 3 - 5 hens / drake?  I have no wish to have an instant duck family of 16 minimum.

RMan and I are unable to slaughter anything (except a field mouse or a snake) so it's not as if we could enjoy three duck l'orange meals in the near future either... (sigh)

Hmmmm, perhaps I can barter the well fed potential meal(s) for a couple of hens... :)  Let's see.


Kev Alviti said...

That's bad luck! It's a shame you can't slaughter as roast duck is one of my favourites.

Dani said...

Kev - LOL it's RMan's favourite too.

In the normal course of events we can't slaughter, but, should an "emergency" arise that could be a different proposition altogether ;)

Mum said...


Dani said...

Mum - Whoops indeed lol

Sue said...

Wait until they come to an age where the fight all the time. You'll have no problem sending them to the roasting pan!
Good luck. And sorry, too.

Harry Flashman said...

They're still really beautiful birds. I wish I had a little pond here and could have a few ducks. Many years ago, my wife and I built a Lilly pad pond by the back porch. We planned to have some goldfish in it. Instead, what we got was every Copperhead within 20 miles hunting for frogs. We had to fill it in.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Oh dear, just the word slaughter puts me off.

Jean x

Dani said...

Sue - LOL - I'm sure that would tip RMan over the top. But, I think I have found someone to take two of them... ;)

( By the way, your comments keep going to my spam inbox - even though I have added your e-mail address to my contacts list??!? )

Dani said...

Harry - Oh, that's a pity! They are such entertaining creatures too :)

Dani said...

Jean - Me too ;(

Quinn said...

Oooh, tough odds there! Hope you can work out a trade, Dani.

Robyn said...

What bad luck! Is it possible to find someone who will "home process" 2 of them on the offer that they keep one themselves? There could still be duck a la orange on your menu.

Dani said...

Quinn - Me too... ;)

Dani said...

Robyn - You're obviously a lateral thinker - I hadn't thought of that. Clever girl :)

Rainy December said...


I have two ducks sitting on nests now and can promise you that quite a few of the ducklings will be wonderfully female. I live in George and ca pass some on your way if you would like a lady or two or three or four.

Dani said...

Rainy December - Oh, yes please :) But, how will I get them...? I had a lady from Rawsonville offer me ducks also, but the collection is the common problem. Do you ever go to Cape Town? Perhaps you wouldn't mind dropping them off and then you can meet Minky, Miranda and Kris :)

Would you like a couple of males...? :)