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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Double volume

It's all very well having a double volume kitchen / dining and lounge area. Yes, it's lovely and cool in summer, and, providing that you close the upstairs doors in winter (otherwise the heat collects in them instead of in the open plan living area), it's lovely and warm then too.
Double volume ceilings have their
pro's and cons :)
But, cleaning cobwebs from the corners of a double volume ceiling isn't that easy.  And we have lots, and lots and lots of spiders here :)

So, at 1.8mtrs tall (which is more than me), RMan was assigned that task.
Corner is dusted and sorted.
To give you perspective, RMan
is 1.8-odd mtrs tall and that
wooden plank is +/- 2.8 mtrs =
+/- 4.5 mtrs up to that corner
It didn't take long, and involved getting one of the remaining pieces of fencing wood to which he securely attached the duster.

That's that done for another few months :)  With that task complete one wonders if Spring is in the air?

I have proof positive...
Plum blossoms - a sure sign that Spring is on
it's way :)
After the (mainly) good harvests achieved on the northern hemisphere blogs I follow, I'm sure you don't mind relinquishing the growing season over to all of us in the south.  After all - the circle must continue...

And, after last years dismal tomato harvest due to ignorance and blossom end rot, I'm keen to get going again this year :)


Harry Flashman said...

My test plots got washed away. All the dark potting soil I had to buy and haul from town up to the mountain top went down slope with everything else. I think you have to have the right mind set to be a good gardener, and I don't seem to have inherited those genes. >:-(

Dani said...

Ah Harry - I'm sorry to hear that - perhaps placing some rainwater diversion channels would have helped.

If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again... :) C'mon, don't give up - please :D

Kev Alviti said...

I love that I now get to read about southern hemispheres springs and summers now as we go into autumn and winter. It keeps me thinking about the year after. That said our growing season isn't over yet! It has been a good year - I hope yours will be as well!

Dani said...

Kev - I try to be as positive as possible, but I have to say that I am concerned for our upcoming summer. Why - well, we have not really had a winter. 2 - 3 weeks of cold weather, and very little rain. For a winter rainfall area that is not good!

tffnguy said...

Dani, That wood that RMan used for that has to be pretty heavy and hard to handle. They make screw together painters extension poles that are made of thin wall aluminum and come in about 3 or 4 foot sections that screw together. Might be good to find a set and they can be broken down and easily stored. Just a thought. ;) As for giving up our HOT weather to you'll. Well I'm ready to give up the HOT, but am surely not looking forward to the COLD!

Dani said...

Tffnguy - That's s brilliant idea - must see if I can find one here.

Hey - I don't want your heat YET - we haven't had a proper winter thus far...;)

Bill said...

The circle must continue. I love that thought. :)
Your plum blossoms make me smile. Here I've noticed the polar leaves starting to turn yellow, harbingers of autumn.
Best of luck with your tomatoes this season. Last year was a tomato disaster for us. We lost them all to blight. This year we've had a fine crop. The circle continues...

Dani said...

Bill - Both Spring and Autumn have their beauty, don't they? I love the autumn colours too - and I think that is also because I prefer winter weather to the (sometimes overpowering) heat of summer :)

Quinn said...

Oh the trouble of Things Up High! I have a burned-out lightbulb in my workshop (at the highest point of the ceiling) and you've just reminded me I need to get up on a ladder and replace it. Also a shattered floodlight over my front door, but that one requires the extension ladder and non-wobbly legs, so I have to pick my day carefully for that job!
So nice to see signs of Spring, Dani. I hope there's still time for some rains before your hot and dry season arrives? Fingers crossed!

Dani said...

Quinn - Things Up High indeed!! And The Main Man Up High too as far as rain is concerned :)