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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Organic evidence...?

We all know how much processed food there is in the stores these days.  And we all know the effects this chemical-laden, processed food is having on our increasingly (and unsurprisingly) fragile digestive systems.

Even that well known staple of a fresh, crisp loaf of bread is no longer what it used to be.  For example chip butties and a BLT are firm favourites world wide.  Even hamburgers or a toasted cheese and tomato.

Isn't it funny - bread has always featured high on the human diet.  And it is now that bread which is making us ill.  Why????

It would appear that Monsanto is probably responsible for the dramatic increase in gluten intolerance worldwide.
Check out this article and make up your own mind...

... hmmm, another good petition to sign here :)


  1. I've learned this lesson first hand. I had become increasingly more sick---and since switching to organics,---problem gone. You cannot spray deadly poisons on food and expect anything less than sickness. And yet---no one seems to connect the dots.

    1. Sue - Perhaps nom one wants to, because it will mean that they have to put more effort in, as well as stand up and be counted.

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience - the more people do, perhaps the more people will listen... ;)

  2. it horrifies me to pass a field awaiting harvest, the leaves shrivelled brown and chemically dead. Thanks for the Green Times link, I've tucked that in my Feedly.

    1. Diana - But think of all that bread "in the making" :) I get Green Times sent to me by e-mail - then if an article appeals to me, I head on over to their site.


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